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Friday, September 21, 2007

Why We Kenyans Need To Be More Tolerant

There are quite a number of regular Kumekucha readers who are very upset at the abusive language used in this blog. Many others are visibly very irritated by the outlandish and ridiculous views of others.

There have been suggestions that I simply delete and block the famous Kioko from BC for instance. The truth is that I have carefully considered that option and have found it to be undemocratic and intolerant. It would set us off in a direction where we will be working towards a forum where we all agree with each other like some zombies or remote controlled robots. It would create something here that is too distant to reality. The reality of the situation is that we have very many Kiokos in our midst in Kenya. Unfortunate sick minds that can’t think beyond certain parts of their bodies. But guess what it is their democratic right to have whatever views they have.

Secondly every time Kioko comes online to spew his hate comments, he reads a post or two and a few comments, and this somewhat influence him (ask the psychologists) and one day, even if it after 50 years, the man may change.

I would also like to answer the anonymous commentator who claims that they have a dossier on me. I would like to appeal to them to release it. I have honestly nothing to fear about my past and even present and nobody has paid me to do any mischief. This blog has extremely intelligent Kenyans who are independent-minded and the moment something crazy like that happens, they will be able to smell it from a mile off.

I rededicate myself this day to being a servant of the people in this small humble way and trust that it will contribute one day to Kenyans getting the country they so badly desire.

For the love of the motherland.

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