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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Strange Kibaki Re-election Campaign

This is going to be one confusing general elections. We have the Democratic Party (the president's old political vehicle), then we have the brand new Narc and now we have the PNU (Party of National Unity) all supporting President Kibaki's re-election.

It might be very clear to me and you that the PNU is the umbrella party but it opens the doors wide open for mischief. For example if I was the DP parliamentary candidate somewhere in Central province and there were other candidates in Narc and other parties, all you need to do is put doubt on the electorate that they cannot vote for Kibaki without voting for me in DP.

Sounds unlikely, then you don't know politics in rural areas. By the way I would eave this rumour to very late in the day. Just before polling day so that there is no time for people to confirm.

This is just one trick. There are dozens of other things that could go wrong with the president's current strategy. It is a basic rule in management and virtually every other discipline that the way to do things is to keep them simple. When you complicate something, basically you are asking for problems.

I will say it again; some strategies are just too smart on paper and many times these are just the kind that end up outsmarting the originators themselves.

My assertion is that whoever is in charge of the presidents re-election bid is even more of an amateur than Kumekucha and there is a good chance that they will get massacred by the experienced old hands on the other side.

Things are rather clear and simple on the ODM side. In fact according to KJ opf head on corrison fame, it is quite simple to differentiate the two ODM parties—one is Ho Ndi Em and the other is ODM yawa.

On another note. Surprisingly although Jeff will never miss an opportunity to aim a barb in my direction, we seem to agree on many issues, especially those that have to do with the direction the country should head to. However Jeff gets irritated every time I refer to this year's polls as the mother of all polls. Here are some of the reasons why I have christened elections 2007 like so;

i) The looters old and new can sense "the vultures circling overhead" and are aware that one wrong move and they'll be somebody's meal. Therefore of all elections Moi for example has had a stake in, this is one where those stakes are highest and he cannot afford to lose. He is only too aware, despite the brave face he puts on, that one wrong move and next year his address could change from Kabarnet gardens to Kamiti Maximum Security prison.

ii) On the other hand the people of Kenya have experienced a very steep learning curve since 2002. They are much more difficult to cheat with euphoria tactics. My prediction is that this time round the Kenyan electorate will shock everybody by the way they vote.

iii) Life is difficult within the Kenyan borders and the people on the ground (who don't read this blog and DO not therefore leave comments here) are eager for genuine change. There are several interested parties who want to use this mood to shift things in their favor (like the mysterious guys who leaked the Kroll Associates Report). Bear in mind that these guys are not supporters of either ODM or the GNU. So what are they up to?

When you put all these factors into the pot, the only thing you can expect is a very violent chemical reaction as the different "chemicals" meet.

Anyway, Jeff let us wait and see shall we? I will be around to apologize if I am proved wrong. What about you?

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Anonymous said...

Those who started Narc-k thought it was national. until ODM said it was tribal.

Am sure Raila will call PNK tribal on landing in Kenya. What next for PINUs?. It is too late for, as Martha Karua said, only divine intervention can help.
what an exciting election/

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Kibaki atabaki. Why? He is the slyest of all of them.

1. Though a beneficiary of Corruption he hid his relatively small slice of the cake well.

2. Where-as he has flopped on anti-corruption and Security, he has had resounding success in a few but critical areas, such as Agriculture, Health & Education.

3. The power of incumbency.

4. Devided opposition.

5. The Chap is an elusive target. Dont show up a lot, dont say nadda...

Atabaki 'pare pare pare tu'


Jacob Obongo said...

While many are still buffled at the opportunistic, unprincipled, and self-centred move by Uhuru Kenyatta to abandon the Opposition(which he ironically leads), they have failed to highlight the fact that the President is himself set to defect to another party on whose ticket he seeks re-election.

For the first time in history, both the President and Leader of Official Opposition in Kenya, will essentially trade their loyalty to politically expedient and self-serving causes.

The constitutionality of both moves is highly debatable.

Jacob Obongo.


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