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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Martha Karua And Amos Kimunya NOT Telling The Truth

According to Martha Karua, the biggest hindrance to implementing the recommendations of the Kroll report are foreign governments who are not willing to co-operate in recovering looted funds from foreign accounts.

Finance Minister Amos Kimunya says that the government has spent close to a billion on several initiatives aimed at curbing corruption and recovering looted funds of which commissioning the Kroll Associates investigations was just one.

Both cabinet ministers totally and quite deliberately missed the point.

The Kroll report on its' own is more than enough to act as the basis of prosecution against the Mois and their associates. And if Moi is "too heavy a stone to turn" then at least they should start with Joshua Kulei and Biwott. Just half the sources of information on the report are enough to assist in gathering enough evidence to get a successful prosecution.

Instead the government of national unity is hoping to convince the people of Kenya that although no big fish has been prosecuted, they have done enough and the problem is that their hands are tied because of the current constitution.

Ha, ha, ha, ha. Even a crocodile in the River Tana which swallows at the least excuse WILL NOT swallow that one. In fact if the current constitution is not good enough to prosecute, why were some powerful forces trying to sneak in an amendment in parliament recently to bar the KACC from investigating corruption cases that happened before 2003?

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1 comment:

Jacob Obongo said...

Revelations by Kroll report about hundreds of looted billions stashed abroad by the families of Moi, Biwott, Kulei and others, has so far elicited unimpressive response(s) from many quarters. The government is not alone in displaying chronic malaise.

While it is expected that the Kibaki government is willing to exchange amnesty (for looting) to get political support, the aggrieved party (Wananchi) have so far not done very little towards demanding repatriation of the looted pubic funds.

The media has hushed the debate; the civil society is muted; Parliamentarians led by Paul Muite and Kenneth Marende, have infact indicated their willingness to help cover up the looting.

The voice of the Opposition is eerily silent except for one Raila Odinga who has verbalized his willingness to "pay a price' in the fight against corruption. Most important is this,..where is the crucial voice of the citizens in this debate?


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