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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Arrest Moi, Arrest Gideon, Arrest Biwott… Immediately!

Haven't read the report everybody is talking about? Read the entire Kroll Associates report on mega corruption in Kenya NOW
WARNING: It is strongly adviced that if you have a weak heart condition you should avoid reading this report

Kenyans the world over are still reeling in shock over the revelations detailed in the leaked Kroll Associates report. The world has learn in the last few days that Nigerians who were previously thought to be champions in the game of grand corruption by government actually come a poor second to Kenya. And even Mobutu Sese Seko who looted his own mineral rich country of Zaire in those days (called Democratic Republic of Congo) did not quite outdo our very own Daniel Arap Moi.

Why bother going for elections to recycle the same people who will do exactly the same thing? Anglo Leasing has proved that this corruption in high places thing will just keep on repeating itself over and over again.

Theer is only one way to put an end to it. I appeal to the government to arrest former president Moi immediately, as well as Nicholas Biwott, Gideon Moi and Philip Moi and that will just be for starters. From those interviewed for the Kroll report, there is more than enough evidence to prosecute all these people on more than a dozen counts. Don’t forget that John Troon formerly of Scotland Yard says that there is enough evidence to prosecute Moi. Read this Kumekucha interview with Troon earlier this year.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

If it is true that President Kibaki is not corrupt and therefore not like these people, let him fulfill his well documented pledge of zero tolerance to corruption made in 2002 and arrest these people who have looted the country blind. If the president can do this one thing, then he does not need the co-operation of Moi to win the forthcoming elections. In fact the only people Moi, Biwott and sons should be co-operating with are inmates at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison.

I can already hear the hard breathing from my brothers from the Kalenjin community reading this, but my dear brothers, please give me a chance to plead my case. I am your brother and I am one Kenyan who thanks God so much that this beautiful community of the Kalenjin is part of Kenya, because where would we be if it wasn’t? What else would we be left to be proud about were it not for the amazing feats on the track that mainly comes from this community?

But what does arresting and charging Moi, Biwott and company in court have to do with the Kalenjin? Please let us leave the community out of this. I have read the Kroll several times over and there is nowhere where it mentions the Kalenjin community. And even when Moi traveled abroad to hand over accounts of the looted fund, there is nowhere whetre it says a representative of the Kalenjin community accompanied them to take care of the share of the community. If anything majority of the Kalenjins have suffered just like other Kenyans during the Moi era if not more so. I urge you fellow Kenyans to join me in this noble call top make an example and end this terrible, terrible curse of corruption in high places that has plagued our country.

Let us start with Moi and company and work backwards to the killers of Mboya. Fellow Kenyans any other way will be consigning our children, grand children and great grandchildren to terrible. Terrible, terrible suffering. Folks this cannot go on, PLEASE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Could it be possible that you sources are deliberately misleading you so as to bring your hard earned repute into ridicule?


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