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Monday, September 03, 2007

Strange Discussion That Proves Some Kibaki Supporters Are Tribalists

I had an interesting discussion with a relative today, who was trying to update me on the general mood prevailing in the country at the moment. He mention a recent friendly debate with supporters of President Kibaki that left a sour taste in his mouth.

The friends launched into the usual reasons why they are supporting the president's re-election bid. CDF money that has developed many constituencies countrywide and the fact that things are working better now than in the days of President Moi.

They were asked if they had personally benefited from any of this "massive development countrywide" and they said, not really, but people in the rural areas could easily testify to it.

But it was what they said next that was a shocker.

One of them remarked; "So I assume that you are supporting Kalonzo Musyoka."

"Why?" my relative asked.

"Si nu Mtu wenyu!" (does he not belong to your community.).

This statement confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt the his friends were supporting the incumbent simply because "ni mtu wao." (comes from their community.).

The really sad thing here is that these were supposed to be enlightened city-types. So you can imagine what is happening in the rural areas.

By the way, readers should pay more attention to the views of the mysterious Jeff. In my opinion he is spot on in insisting that the only way to get the change we want is to have a generational change in our leadership.

P.S. My relative DOES NOT support Kalonzo.

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