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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mwirari’s Supporters Force Opponent To Eat Human Waste

Using the logic that some loud Kumekucha readers seem to subscribe to of being wrong until proved right, I will henceforth refer to the forthcoming elections as the daughter of all general elections (instead of the mother) in Kenya’s history.

Now as I was saying, the latest extremely bizarre and disturbing development in the run up to the cheapest and simplest general elections held in the history of the country is that a woman candidate for one of the Imenti parliamentary seats currently held by former finance minister Daudi “Anglo Leasing” Mwiraria, was very badly assaulted recently.

She is currently recovering at the Women’s Hospital at Hurlingham in Nairobi.

The incident deserves a closer look.

Her attackers beat her up, shaved her hair and then came the horrors of all horrors. They took her hair and mixed with human feaces and forced her to eat the “mixture.”

When Daudi Mwiraria, now the cabinet minister for environment visited the traumatized Ms Flora Igoki Tera at her hospital bed, the minute she saw the man, she started screaming at the top of her voice. The message was clear, she was convinced that her attackers were supporters of Mr Mwiraria.

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It is possible that Ms Tera could have been subjected to more humiliating abuse which she will naturally not want to talk about in the full glare of TV cameras. So she only spoke about the least humiliating of the abuses against her. After all we all know what kind of abuse the vast majority of women who end up at the women’s hospital have usually undergone. This unique medical facility is able to provide unparalleled assistance and help in such cases.

Generally speaking the Meru community is a very violent lot but in past elections they have never reached the extreme we are seeing from this incident.

What Kenyans must realize is that this incident is but a warning to all those who want to campaign against those in the president’s inner cabinet and especially those who have been adversely mentioned in connection to corruption allegations. You will remember that Mr Mwiraria signed off a stupendous amount of money and the excuse he gave was that his junior officer asked him to sign. It is highly likely that the campaign strategy of Ms Tera must have touched on Mr Mwiraria’s credibility as a candidate.

The whole incident points to a witchcraft ritual of sorts signifying total defeat and humiliation of all those who would want to oppose Mr Mwiraria. Ms Tera is in fact very lucky to be alive.

Most Kenyans have completely missed to take the hint that the war is on and those who have raped this country again and again are willing to do anything to ensure that they make it back to parliament. Including forcing their opponents to eat human waste (the horror of it all is that it is unlikely that the human waste Ms Tera ate was her own. Most likely it belonged to her attackers.)

Two very significant things have happened over the last few days that should clearly put the writing on the wall for all to see. Firstly the families of former president Kenyatta, the Mois and the Kibakis have quickly closed ranks to face the upcoming cheap general; elections as a unit. Secondly parliament has clipped the wings of the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission and made it virtually impotent by passing an amendment to the law stopping it from investigating any corruption cases that took place before 2003.

Mambo bado, but that’s just for starters in this simple, boring upcoming elections.

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Jacob Obongo said...

This incident should not be lumped into baseless generalizations and stereotypes about the entire Meru community.

Focus must be redirected at the individual level. Who ordered and participated in this hate crime? If politically and gender motivated, who was behind it?

The onus is still on Hon. David Mwiraria and the other South Imenti aspirants to come clean. Such primitive and inhumane acts must never be tolerated.

Jacob Obongo.

Anonymous said...

yes, Mwiraria is responsible for such insecurity in his constituency

saomcol said...

I think it was inhuman to treat a fellow human being just for the sake of making a political statement


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