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Monday, September 03, 2007

Road Accidents, Blood Sacrifices, And The General Elections

Is it a coincidence that whenever we approach the general elections, the number of road accidents (most of them freak accidents) increases dramatically and with it also deaths of numerous Kenyans?

Most educated and sophisticated Kenyans will tell you that this is a mere coincidence. However those who have visited witch doctors will tell you that these guys who are terribly busy countrywide, just now require "human blood" to cement their more powerful spells.

They will also tell you that to obtain this human flesh, a person will either be asked to sacrifice a close relative or family member. This is usually not a problem because many aspirants want to win at all costs and are prepared to pay any price to see the inside of parliament. Alternatively "traps" will usually be set on roads so that freak accidents can happen that will spill as much human blood as possible.

Everybody is free to believe what they want to believe but take note of the sudden rise in road accident frequency and the extraordinarily high deaths resulting in over the last week or so.

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