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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Guest Post: Why I am Dumping the Kibaki Campaign

Guest post by anonymous

Read a desperate Kikuyu sentiments below!! What is it Kikuyus see in Tinga that other tribes don't see??

The govt knows very well the reason they'll be losing the December polls yet Tinga is still being used as the scapegoat!!

Ok its official I have defected from supporting Kibaki The man does not want to win I can't support a man who doesn't want to win .

However i will not be voting for odm Because i cant find anything of value to support in it . I like many young people in Kenya will be staying at home

The one thing that came out glaring from last week's news was the fact that Mwai Kibaki will lose the General Election, even with all the advantages of incumbency and the inertia he enjoys as head of state.

Mwai Kibaki is not a bad man; he is no more corrupt than Raila Odinga. He is no more a tribalist than our first President Kenyatta ever was, and neither is he a violent man. By all accounts he is a God-fearing, kindly family man with an excellent educational background and a long career in politics. What he is not by a long shot is a leader, and for all those Kenyans who are opposed to a Raila Odinga presidency, nothing could be more disheartening.When the President and his cohort contrived to lose the 2005 constitutional referendum, it was obvious that in a country filled with people who were blissfully ignorant of what their votes entailed; a little effort from the President's side would have changed the result. Indeed, it was clear both from the results and the euphoria preceding it that more than a referendum, the vote contest was more like a confidence vote.

Arrogant and aloof, sneering and soporific; Mwai Kibaki's Banana Team was as indolent and incompetent a congregation of politicians as have walked a campaign trail in all history. That the Kitchen cabinet saw this as a virtue and that its officers and their parrots in the national media congratulated themslves for this attitude has played the largest part in the creation of our present desperate situation.

But that is not all. When a rag-tag band like ODM, following a much maligned leader manages not just to catch up with the government's side, but to make inroads into its innermost political constituency; some serious introspection is needed. But such must be the luxuries of youth, for the band of brothers ensconced atop Kenya's government has scant regard for such panicky action. Instead it self-confidently strides towards its defeat, pausing every now and then to execute acts of such low voltage imagination; it is best described as self-sabotage. The creation of the rickety PANU, the handling of Charity Ngilu, the betrothal to Moi and Biwott, the doggedly unfriendly stance towards the media and the renunciation of the political platform for ODM's domination will be moments pondered over by tortured Kibaki supporters during the long and cold political night that they will have to endure.

For all the accusations of using the provincial administration and the instruments of power to battle this election, the government's failure to attempt an accommodation of the boisterous city masses will prove a regrettable decision, especially as this constituency can be amplified to give the impression of vast numbers, a technique ODM have managed to carry out to near perfection. Even worse, completely misreading the national consciousness, the president has sought to ally himself with the oldest and most despised individuals in the land, a fact which has given his opponents an easy time in casting his government as not only too old to function, but most importantly as a carry-over from the oppressive days of the Kenyatta and Moi governments. That among the septuagenarians in his government are individuals who seem eager to prove to the nation just how violent and intolerant they can be cannot be a voter-friendly strategy in any but the most obtuse minds.

Even less clever, was the incredibly insensitive announcement of a million-shilling per plate fund-raising party. No greater symbol for the contempt in which the ruling party holds its citizens is imaginable, but this is Kibaki's government, and it has good form in keeping away from the mwananchi's pulse. After all, it gloats about a near invisible economic growth, while the poorest Kenyans overtaken by a most painful multiplication in the prices of the most basic consumer products.

But worst of all is the point we started out with, the total abdication of the throne by Emilio Mwai Kibaki. Every last problem I have laid out here would have been very easily surmounted by the prestige and gravitas of the presidency. He has had at his disposal, the untrammeled goodwill of a nation in catharsis, the political support of all Kenya's ethnic groups and the nation's forgiveness for his complicity in the crimes of the past governments. More than that, he is in office during a period of global economic expansion, and the boons of the change of government in 2002 have brought him international acclaim and a renewed national pride.

The fates have also woven into Kibaki's yarn the opportunity to form a cross-party government of national unity, drawing on allies from across the country to augment the passionate support he can rely on from the Central Kenya region. Destiny has gifted him an opposition led by a demagogue with a questionable history and a fanatical tribal following that terrifies many across the country. Famed for his perfidy and the fickle nature of his word, his main opponent is also feared by the business classes, and has recently made enemies that he should properly be regretting for all his days. Loud, brash, polarising and cunning; he would have provided the perfect foil for a calm, unifying and down to earth presidency.

Such are the blessings of Kibaki. So bountiful that one would expect the President to have the election in the bag. Instead, recent reports indicate that it is Kibaki who is running scared; it is his posse that is paralyzed by internal wrangling; rudderless, headless and with nary a mooring.While the government without a name basks in its facile superiority, ODM rolls across the nation, making the President's allies look tired, apathetic to the battle, unsympathetic to the poor and the hungry, and oppressive to their dreams. This, the enormous chasm in collective charisma and political acumen will hobble the Kibaki government until election day when it can finally slither away into the darkness, leaving behind an orphaned nation that is a much harder place to live or conduct business.

Mwai Kibaki has already given us a polarized republic, with his last days in office; his hands-off attitude may very well land us in a tyranny with a President enjoying the support of nearly every non-GEMA Kenyan.

At the last inauguration ceremony, angry wananchi opposed to Moi pelted his convoy with mud and rocks, Mwai Kibaki may very well find himself being pelted

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kaphashear said...

if kibaki were to go into the election alone he would succeed.but he has instead chosen to carry along nyachae,biwott,moi,michuki,njenga karume,murungaru,kiraitu and a whole host of ohter good for nothings who are either not standing or are guaranteed to lose thier constituencies.he has evrything on the line while they have nohing to lose.
kenyans will remember kibaki kindly but for all his good he was just not meant to be a politician.

Patty said...

The biggest problem of the Kibaki men is not that they have committed some sins against Kenyans in the past. Almost ever one who is who in the ODM camp is charged with the same. The biggest undoing of the Kibaki men is they do not regret it. Instead they continue to show scandalous ignorance!

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more !

I am a young kikuyu man, and like most of my friends in our mid 20's, we will be at home watching movies on election day rather than waste time voting for Kibaki.
Kibaki can not be 'felt' by anyone on the ground including his fellow tribesmen like myself, only that we are refusing to admit it. He has surrounded himself with old, despotic, egocentric,corrupt and arrogant fellas.

Sorry Kibaki but you will have to bail yourself out this time. This is the painful truth we have to come to terms with now.

bugz said...

Its amazing how Kenyan's rate politicians and how we criticize the one who are not always on the road saying alot of empty things that add no value at all to anyone.

I have listened to ODM and there is no value they are going to add to this country, they are just a bunch of politicians who want power for thier political gains. a whole pentagon wth people who are tainted by corruption (ruto), the most ineffective Finance minister this country has ever had (mudavadi), Joseph Nyagah who won his seat just coz his brother agreed to move constituencies, Najib Balala who happened to be the right man to turn Mombasa around as mayor but doesn't have the pedigree to lead a country.

And Raila who is just a firebrand who has no idea of the tangible ways to achieve real development but just rants and raves. He has never done anything that doesn't profit him alone.

And this are the people who we we want to lead this country?

And here we are busy criticizing Kibaki who has achieved more than kanu achieved in 24 years without the help of all those guys in ODM.

If ODM does come to power Kenya will just go back to where it was under MOI. Don't get me wrong Kibaki's goverment has comitted quite a number of evils but with the improved standard of living, thier focus on development in all sectors and commitment to a vison to improve the country they get my vote to continue building this country.

stay at home watch movies on election day and proceed to hold your peace for the next 5 years

Anonymous said...

i support kibaki because ranting around the country complaining that life has changed for the worse durng Kibakis tenure in office is not what the country needs but the country needs answers to this. a change in constitution to majimboism will not alleviate poverty. who will move his factory to North eastern when there no roads conditions are not friendly for human settlement and there is insecurity.the ODM party has merely folowed a constitution arrangemnet that is meant to polarise the countyr in terms of the poor and the rich. everybody wants to be rich but when you are rich you are comfortable that is what the RICH ODM party stalwarts are doing merely asking for votes from the poor in exchange for a better future. what they do not tell us is who is funding their extravagant campaigns and who is it who is going to fund the majimbo and who will lose from such a government.while Kiabki has done his economics well and probably not so well his politics there is need to ask who will pay the recurrent budget of 80% if 60% is going to be distributed to majimbos.this shows lack of thunking whcih has prevailed in ODM their stalwarts are mere tribesmen who dont think far. none has any any genuine political clout as most have either been left their empires by their fathers and others elevated by Moi's regime through corruption.
i therefore support kibaki due to his economic stance and the failure by opposition to stand on any solid moral ground.Merely talking about election does count as performance where were they when the country was being ruined-taking their fat salaries and going home to criricise a government that is able to pay them.The poor should not support them as when they ascend to power they will be lots to cry about. capitalsm has its price but socialism has a higher one.

Anonymous said...

why i support Kibaki
after not much thinking iam required to ask the people of Turkana Norteastern and other areas that do not have natural resources to think of how long it will take to have their regions develop if they use their own resources.
secondly even if,as suggested, central province is said to benefit the most this has not permeated to the poor so which system will be used to allevate poverty. the fact is we are becoming a nation of movemnets with no morals. tribal sentiments rules the day as the ODM has clearly set its mind to clearly malign those areas that do not support them. let me say that if they are serious they should be all inclusive and merely bing in govt doesnt help your community if you are democratic so lets not just vote purely because your kinsmen is standing. God help the youth.


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