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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nairobi Woman Shot Dead With Moshi Bank Robbers Was Innocent, Sources Insist

Details are emerging about one of the Kenyans shot dead by Tanzanian police on allegations that she was part of a group about to rob a bank. It seems that the well like entrepreneur, Ann Nyakanyi King’ara may have been an innocent victim who may have been at the wronmg place at the wrong time.

One source in Nairobi told Kumekucha; “I am certain that Anne Nyakanyi King'ara had nothing to do with the botched 'plot' to rob the Moshi bank. I've known Anne for 20 plus good years and done heavy business deals with her. She was a real angel true to her word. I never fell out with her and I don't know anyone who has.”

The source continues; “Actually I had just seen her recently at her City Driving School office in Nyambene Hse and she was in a jovial mood as always. Anne was extremely wealthy and from one of the richest families in Kiambu district. If she really wanted to execute a bank heist, I'm sure she would have afforded to hire enough men to execute the operation, just like rich crooks usually do.”

The source also raises other interesting observations about the allegede robbery attempt:
“I also don't buy that 20 people would be involved to raid a bank. Remember 14 were killed/executed and 6 fled. 20 sounds incredible- how much loot would they share per person? Peanuts. I'm sure Anne was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Her dad would have given her any amount she would have asked for- being her favourite child. The dad owns Baraka tools and hardware/ Baraka Petrol station, Baraka fabricators/ the famous Baraka cement distributors/ dozens of posh flats/ etc.

“Anne's brothers are ALL extremely wealthy owning over 40 hauliage lorries etc. Anne did not need to join a gang of 20 to make a measly "100k".

“With her hugely successful driving school, one of the oldest and a big security firm (Annkan), Anne could make 100k in about 2 days. Also bear in mind she has never been arrested or even questioned before by police. To be licensed to operate a security firm, one goes thru a very thorough vetting procedure. My humble inkling is that she met some people she knew mingled with them and that cost her dear life. Hope Anne rests in eternal peace. I will forever remember her for what she was, a loving mother of 2 beautiful daughters, hardworking and kind.”

Kenyans who have lived abroad are aware of the feeling you get when you meet a fellow Kenyan. This may just have been what happened in Moshi.

Another puzzling aspect of the shooting of Anne is the fact that her relatives say that they were not aware that she was in Tanzania. So could she have been taken there against her will? Maybe in a vehicle stolen in Kenya? Our local police should also explore that angle. Moshi is a mere 5 hours from Nairobi and such a theory is quite plausible.

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