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Friday, May 25, 2007

Menstruation Odor Causes Marriage To Elude Woman

Dear Kumekucha,

Thank you for your wonderful site. Some of us have become very educated in politics and many other issues through Kumekucha.

I have a friend who after a very difficult time has recently got into another brand new relationship, but sadly, she is sure it will end in the same way that the previous ones have. I am trying very hard to encourage her and to tell her that life always has pleasant surprises, but she is very negative about the whole thing.

Her problem is a little embarrassing. What happens is that during her periods the odor is excessive and she believes this problem will make it impossible for her to ever live with a man under the same roof. She believes and I have little reason to doubt, that this is what has caused her serious relationships of the past to end when they should have developed further. Few people can actually stand the strong odor that is with her during the three to five days in a month when she has her periods. And of course we all know that men can hardly stand the site of blood.

Kumekucha Says,

The first thing I would like to say to your friend is that nobody is perfect. After 20 years in a very happy marriage, and listening to my wife share with me problems other women are going through, I can tell you that couples have all sorts of problems that they will never speak about in public.

But real love is not getting a "perfect" person. Love is accepting each other as you are. I am very confident that even in her present state there is somebody out there who will love her and accept her as she too loves and accepts them with their weaknesses.

Having said that, you have not mentioned whether she has seen a doctor, because this is important to rule out a bacterial infection, which my research tells me, can in some cases cause excessive menstruation odor.

A specialist doctor friend also tells me that most women are just too sensitive to their own normal body odors thinking that everybody can smell it when this is not the case. Admittedly in ordinary circumstances, odor during menstruation can be caused when air reaches the menstrual fluid. This is however easy to deal with by changing tampons more frequently and if the flow is heavy using tampons that are best suited to deal with heavy flow. However your friend's case does not appear to be as simple as this.

I don’t know why I have this feeling that her problem may be more in her mind than anywhere else and she may need to see a counselor or psychiatrist. I do not know if you are aware that many married couples still have sex during menstruation (not advisable) and we even have menstruation porn on the net, which appears to be fairly popular (that's how sick our world is).

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to fight inflation

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Keeping Kumekucha fresh

Admittedly keeping Kumekucha fresh, original and packed constantly packed with new ideas, is quite a challenge. But the blogger behind Kumekucha seems to be up to it. Several failed experiments at getting others to help out with the writing, has clearly demonstrated that there is only one Kumekucha, impossible to copy, difficult to imitate.

Reputation for exposing scandals

Over the years Kumekucha has built a reputation for himself for exposing scandals and discussing issues that few others would dare discuss. This has had the effect of attracting a huge army of regular readers most of whom just have to get their daily fix of Kumekucha before they can face their day.

Hotel search made easy in Orlando

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Tragic cheating spouses

But even more tragic—concerning unfaithful couples are the children accidentally brought into this world. More so when the partner who has been cheated on discovers the child was conceived out of wed-lock. What happens is that the poor child lives a life of rejection and fear and is more often than not doomed to a life of failure and frustrations.

Kenyans are cheating spouses

Most Kenyans do not take the issue of cheating spouses seriously. Yet it has reached national crisis levels. Recently a gutter press publication, The Citizen carried what appeared to be camera phone photos of a man's wife caught in the act with her driver. Both were stark naked. Many more cheating spouses are never caught and continue with their deception for years.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Vital marketing

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When it was first launched, the initial idea behind was to provide a free HTML Form Wizard so that those who had a website or blog but did not know how to create an HTML form could make a Web Form quickly and easily for free.

It turns out that there are large numbers of Webmasters and bloggers out there who do not know HTML well enough to create various vital marketing tools on their side like a simple contact form email form to harvest mail addresses from visitors for an opt-in email list. The existence of this huge market is what has made this site, which was only launched in 2005, so wildly popular.

Can cell phones win an election?

My prediction is that cell phones will be used a lot to pass on messages and ideas that will be created online in web sites, blogs and even in email messages written specifically for the purposes of wide distribution via forwarding. The end result is that the World Wide Web will ultimately have a huge influence on voting patterns countrywide.

Mobile phones and the elections

The mobile phone played a key role in the 2002 General elections. Remember all those text messages people were receiving and forwarding to each other like crazy? This time round all indications are that cell phones will play an even bigger role in the forthcoming elections. To start with the coverage has increased by a handful of millions.

Most trusted brands

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There is no denying that some times reliability and quality of equipment can be a matter of life and death. Northeast Marine Electronics recognize this and know too well that in some things of life, there is little room for mistakes or poor quality products. This is the reason why the company has a strict policy of only selling supplies that they know to be reliable. The result is that brands here are some of the most trusted in the industry.

Northeast is home of the very best in electronics for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, and driving. If you are looking for Marine Radios then this has to be your first stop.

Will blogs affect coming elections in Kenya?

There are those who say that since the number of Kenyans with a access to the World Wide Web is so limited to a single digit fraction, then it also means that the impact will be very minimal of anything that is said online. One problem with this school of thought is the fact that Webmasters and bloggers are opinion leaders and there are numerous ways their messages can be passed on to the masses by the small fraction of person with access to the World Wide Web.

Coming general elections

One of the things that will be unique about the forthcoming general elections is the fact that for the first time Kenyans have an active blogging community that is already keenly following the count down to the historical polls expected later this year. It will be interesting to see what sort of impact this has.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Written by Sara

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A brand new book on Appreciative Coaching, has been published by Jossey-Bass, and uses positive questions, mindfulness, and other tools to acknowledge the strengths of individuals and effect change. The book has been written by Sara Orem, PhD, Jacqueline Binkert, PhD, and Ann Clancy, PhD. Orem is a well known faculty member at well known elearning facility, Capella University. Binkert is an executive coach who specializes in working with leaders and teams during times of change. Clancy is president of Clancy Consultants and has worked with community organizations, large corporations, and federal agencies.

The book comes at a time when recent developments in psychology and organizational development suggest that people and organizations flourish best when they focus on human ideals, achievements, and best practices.

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Compared to Africa Confidential

What is my reaction to somebody comparing Kumekucha to Africa Confidential? The truth is that I am humbled and can only endeavor to work harder redoubling my efforts on every front and hope that one day this blog will maybe be half as good as the famous Africa Confidential. I also take this opportunity to thank you all our regular readers for making all this possible.

How do folks describe Kumekucha?

How do people describe the Kumekucha blog? Do you have any clue? Well we recently came across an email message forwarded to us by a friend who was contacted by somebody who wanted to speak to Kumekucha directly. The person describes the Kumekucha blog as being researched and written in the style of Africa Confidential a respected newsletter published from London.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Disney magic your way

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Expect lots of ideas for Kenya from Kumekucha

Our earlier concern about discussing these ideas too early was the fact somebody would steal them and use them to win an election. Now we are going to discuss them openly and invite people to actually steal and implement them for the good of the long suffering Kenyan people. Many of the ideas you will find here are revolutionary but practical.

Exciting change in editorial policy at Kumekucha

Kumekucha, our main site recently announced a major change in editorial policy. The essence of it will be a change from personalities to ideas that can benefit the greatest number of people and generally impact positively on Kenya. At the end of the day it matters little where an idea came from, as long as it impacts positively on people.


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