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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Woman Murders Her Best Friend To Steal Her Husband As Science Proves That It Is Deadly For Women To Have Casual Sex

It was called the crime of passion of the century, and it caused quite a media frenzy. A white woman fell in love with her best friends' husband, went to South Africa and purchased a pistol and returned to personally murder her best friend in cold blood so that she could have her husband all to herself. Police suspicion was aroused because hardly had the dead woman been buried, her killer was already spending nights of passion with the man. The cops got their woman and she was hanged for the crime. Initially her lover was charged alongside her but was later acquitted for lack of evidence.

This incident happened in Gaberone, Botswana a few years back.

Then there was the sad case in Kenya where this woman fell madly in love with this man, but there was one hitch, her 7-year-old son from a previous tryst. Her new lover hated him and thought that she should get rid of him by packing him off to his grandmother's or something. The woman had a "better" idea. She drowned him in a drum of water in the house.

And there are many other crimes of passion that women commit. Maybe we should mention just one that was less deadly. This man's girlfriend discovered that he was giving too many lifts in his car to a certain particular pretty young something in the estate. She was so angry that she got a knife and slashed all the tires of his car.

So what was with these women? Were they crazy or what?

Actually science has now proved that when a man and a woman hop into bed for some action, their bodies do not react the same afterwards. We all know that men have since time immemorial pulled off that stunt of wham-bhang-thanks-mum and the next minute they will probably never even remember her name. Scientists have now discovered that when women have sex, they release a hormone called oxytocin (also called the "cuddle hormone"). Some scientific researchers are convinced that this hormone makes women feel extra warm and fuzzy for their sex partners.

This explains why women feel so infuriated when the man turns over and starts snoring loudly immediately after the act, when they would prefer him to cuddle them and keep on whispering sweet nothings into their ear.

It also explains the common sequence in most would-be relationships where women do the deed too soon and end up making too much of a relationship that barely existed off the bed. When the woman ends up inflating the relationship the man does what men do best—they bolt.

Here’s a quick tip from a very experienced man in these things to all you women reading this. The more you delay dropping your pants for him, the more his love for you will grow. It seems to me that when a man wants to sleep with a woman and he cannot, a hormone is released that makes him feel warm and fuzzy towards her and over time this causes him to go crazy with love (mixed with lust) over her. Ignore that last sentence, Kumekucha has no scientific qualifications and if anything his science grades bore a close resemblance to a Zulu war (many rungus. That's what a grade 9 for failure looks like).

On a more serious note, essentially you should only get to that stage of the relationship when he has committed before witnesses. But how many young women can soak in the tremendous pressure that comes from men and wait for that day?

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