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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Murder Most Foul In Mombasa: Unfaithful Kisauni Wife Makes Love One Last Time As Assassins Watch

The crime rate in Mombasa is generally very low, so when a gruesome crime happens, the impact it leaves is felt for many months and even years.

I have recently come across some interesting, albeit bizarre information on a murder committed in Kisauni Mombasa. This is the old constituency of the late Karisa Maitha and the current legislator is Hassan Ali Joho of ODM.

The crime was in fact a murder that shocked the surrounding community and left many puzzling questions unanswered and the residents terrified.

One of the things about Mombasa is that it is very difficult to keep secrets. Sooner or later somebody will talk too much while taking some mnazi (traditional brew) and the story will always come out.

The murdered man worked at the Mombasa Port, where even children in Mombasa know, there is a lot of money. It is said that even the cleaners and watchmen find a way to demand bribes and end up going home every day with lots of cash in their pockets.

The young man was not married and soon hit it off with a housewife who was a neighbor in the plot where he lived in Kisauni. His friends and neighbors warned the young man several times that he should move out of the area because his “bad habits” were now well known (I have already told you that there are no secrets in Mombasa).

The young man was blinded by the Kenya shillings he used to stuff his pockets with every day and ignored the warnings until finally word got to the woman’s husband. The good book says that the wrath of a husband whose wife has slept with somebody else cannot be quenched, even by cash. How true. But in this case, to make matters worse, the woman’s husband was suffering an extreme bout of lack of Kenya shillings. Naturally this made him even more bitter. Somehow he borrowed enough money from an unknown source and hired some locals to get rid of his wife’s lover.

The trap that was laid with the husband’s blessings is what I call bizarre.

The unfaithful wife was forced to lure the man into a trap. There is a thick bush somewhere near Mtopanga estate within the sprawling Kisauni area. The woman called her lover on the mobile one night and asked him to meet her there. The man must have really thought that his lover was getting really kinky. And true enough when the man arrived, they moved deeper into the dark bushes and made love. Unknown to the man, the assassins were watching everything from a strategic point. They were even kind enough to allow the man to finish what he was doing.

They then swiftly emerged from the shadows and surrounded him. They casually told him to say his last prayers because apende, asipende, he was about to meet his creator. The young man thought they were joking. They then informed him quietly that the reason he was dying was because he was “eating in somebody else’s “pot” and the owner of that “pot” was very upset.

They moved quickly and with hands firmly over his mouth to prevent him from screaming they plunged knives into him several times and at times twisting it when it was inside his body. When the assassins were sure that he was beyond repair, they disappeared into the shadows with the wife of the man who had put out the contract.

The next morning residents of Mtopanga estate were shocked to find a very bloody scene and a dead body. There was a lot of fear in the area for weeks on end because residents thought a mugger and serial killer had moved into the area and for a long time people did not come home late without plenty of “security.”

None of the residents noticed an all important clue. The murdered man’s mobile pone and wallet full of cash were recovered from the scene; the assassins did not touch them.

This incident happened about 2 years ago.

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