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Friday, August 10, 2007

Kumekucha Joins Hands With Kenya Online Directory To Help Kenyans Reduce Stress With Barter Trade

Helping To Maliza Your Stress

Kenyans are going through some very hard times and so Kumekucha, the most read Kenyan political and news blog, has come up with an ingenious way to maliza stress for you. We've launched the exciting new Kumekucha's Badilisha Market, in conjunction with the Kenya Online Directory whose chief objective is to help maliza your stress by enabling you to easily acquire what you don't have without parting with any cash.

You don't need cash to get what you want. Has it crossed your mind that you have something that you don't need which you can easily exchange for something you want? Or that you can even exchange your skills and services for whatever it is you want? Barter conserves cash and can give you what you want at a great discount and with no cash!!.

Even people in business going through a lean period can indulge in barter and then sell off whatever they receive in payment for their services, as well as acquiring a valuable new contact who can easily pay cash the next time. Barter is a gold mine that many have ignored.

Read how barter can help you grow serious wealth, written by an expert.

Using Kumekucha's Badilisha Market is Easy

Follow the following simple steps to get what you want today;

1. Ask yourself this simple question; What would you like or what do you need at the moment?

2. Once you have answered question number one, look around your house or office for something that is about the same value, which you do not need at the moment and would gladly exchange for what you want. It could even be the skills you have e.g. bookkeeping, writing skills to use to write content for a web site, extra mathematics tuition classes for kids to help them pass exams etc.

3. Write a simple advertisement stating what you would like and what you are prepared to exchange for it. Send it to We will promptly publish it for free. Please include your mobile telephone contact and your current location. Other people using Kenya Online Directory have to pay for services. Kumekucha readers will receive all services FREE. Take advantage of this NOW. Check some existing ads in the Kenya Online Directory to get ideas.

4. All the people who respond will be given your contact. They usually pay a small access membership fee to get your contact telephone number and address, meaning that they will all be very serious enquiries. Again Kumekucha Basilisha market members will get all this FREE. You don't need to spend a penny.

5. Finalize the transaction with the best offer you receive.

See some hot deals for Kenyans: Exchange your way to wealth and success.

Alternatively offer your skills and services for barter and see what others will offer. If it is acceptable receive the item and then sell it off for cash.

Hot deals for Kenyans: Exchange what you don't need any more for something valuable you want.

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