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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Lady Lucy Forces President Kibaki To Walk 3 Kilometers In The Heat And Humidity Of Mombasa

The president had waved to the crowds at Mwembe Tayari and turned to go back into his presidential limousine. The door had even already been held open for him. Then suddenly first Lady Lucy blocked his path and gestured indicating that they take a walk. That walk in the blistering Mombasa heat and humidity ended up being a 3-kilometer trek to State House Mombasa. At one point, it was clear that the president—heavily dressed in his warm suit—was straining and pushing himself to the limits to keep walking.

First Lady Lucy on the other hand looked like she was enjoying herself immensely.

The problem with the first couple is that prior to the president being elected president the first lady took no interest whatsoever in her husband's political activities. Everybody knew that it was the president's other wife, Mary Wambui who was politically active. But when President Kibaki was swept into power, she suddenly became a domineering presence on the scene and everybody was forced to suddenly adjust drastically to accommodate her. Those who did not adjust quickly enough like one Matere Keriri quickly found themselves thrown very far away from their close proximity to the president. Everybody knows that you do not under any circumstances contradict the first lady.

That is why, although it was not in the president's best health interests to walk in the hot son in a province whose support for him is only lukewarm at best, nobody could dare contradict Lucy's idea.

You see the first lady has really gotten into the mood to campaign and seems to immensely enjoy cheering crowds. At one point she even went in front of the president at the Mwembe Tayari incident and contrary to protocol and acknowledged the cheers of the crowd as if she were the president herself.

It is interesting that the country has never had a properly functioning model first family since independence. President Kenyatta was a polygamist while President Moi was a senior bachelor who had long abandoned his wife. President Kibaki is also a polygamist, albeit one who took the electorate by surprise because very few people knew that he was a polygamist by the time they cast their votes for him. I for one would have greatly hesitated in voting for him had I known then that he had more than one wife.

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Anonymous said...

What baloney that you would vote for a presidential candidate on the basis of how many wives he has.....totally overlooking other credentials and qualifications.

motosana said...

There is nothing baloney about it. I fully support the writer. the most important quality any leader should have is honesty. If he cannot tell us the truth about his wives, how could we trust him with the MOU, pesa zetu na kadhalika?

Anonymous said...

The president has cleared the small domestic issue several times already. However, some people choose to believe their own "truth". People marry/stay together, and separate. What's wrong with that?!

For you information, the Presidents wife only walked for 10 minutes. Stop the spin a.k.a lies!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki said the truth, he has only one wife. The other is a concubine/ mistress of which almost every male of age in Kenya seems to have. When Kibaki was being elected in 2002 is there anyone who asked how many wives he had? or concubine for that matter.
Stop this holier than thou attitude coz mistreses are here to stay....alafu we dont mind

Anonymous said...

Lucy is a twack and ought to go to hell.She should get her monkey-looking face out of President's campaigning personalinalities and go home to feed the grandchildren.Old, ugly bitch.


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