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Friday, August 10, 2007

Mboya Son's Statement Today: Why Solving This Murder Is The Starting Point For A New Kenya

If you didn't read the explosive statement today by Tom Mboya's Son naming his real killers, read it here.

There is something very important that I would like to clarify.

Firstly, to make my point clearer, I will be forced to reveal one of my secret weapons. Although, as I have said here very often in the past, Mrs Kumekucha hates politics with a capital "H", I usually use her to gauge the response of the Kikuyu community to various hot political issues. And it has proved to be very accurate because true enough her exact honest reaction is exactly what I will end up encountering here in this blog and elsewhere from other members of the community.

Today I was very nice to her and did a few things that I knew usually make her happy and put her in a good mood (I really love the woman to bits, even after 20 plus years). Then I presented to her the long revealing letter from Tom Mboya's son (published here) about his father's killers.

Her first response surprised me; "Is this a strategy to help Raila Odinga win sympathy votes?"

I then quietly explained to her what I am about to explain to all you good folks.

The most tragic thing for those who knew Tom Mboya was the fact that when he was alive he openly detested tribal politics and anything that would reduce him from the national leader he was and tie him down to his community. In fact the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga successfully portrayed him amongst the Luo as a traitor because Kenyatta used him to finish him (Oginga Odinga) politically. So the only time the Luo rose up in defense of Mboya was after his assassination which deeply angered the community. And quite rightly so. Murder is never in good taste but this particular one was in extra bad taste because until that moment, Mboya had done nothing but built and support the Kenyatta government even when he did not entirely agree with their increasingly selfish and tribal-based policies and agenda.

So anybody who labels TJ (as Tom Mboya was affectionately referred to by his admirers) a tribal leader is doing great disservice to the memory of the man and ignoring historical facts. And demanding for the truth has got nothing to do with Raila Odinga or his campaign for the presidency. The two politicians (with all due respect to Raila) are NOT on the same level. Mboya was miles ahead.

Personally I am delighted over what has happened today, that finally the Mboya family has spoken up after so many years and that they have chosen Kumekucha as the place to break their silence. I am deeply honoured and yet humbled at the same time because TJ was and will remain a giant of Kenyan politics.

I will repeat what I have often said here. When somebody loses their way, there is no way they can get back on the right road without retracing their steps to the place where they took a wrong turn.

Kenya took a wrong turn on that July 5th 1969 afternoon. Because as Lucas Mboya has demonstrated in his submission, the killing of Mboya was really the "removal" of an obstacle that stood in the way of those who were rapidly enriching themselves at the expense of the masses through very corrupt means. That was what changed JM Kariuki (who had already benefited from the system) and for him something snapped inside him after that July day and he turned into the only remaining opponent of the ruling class, busy amassing incredible wealth to themselves and using the tribal card to protect themselves politically. That was why JM too had to die in March 1975.

For Kenya to get back on track, the murder of Mboya must be resolved. This is the murder that we must deal with first before we even tackle the JM and Robert Ouko murders amongst others. My dear fellow Kenyans, please believe me when I say that the only way forward is to go back to July 5th 1969. That is the only place from whence the new Kenya we all hunger for can emerge.

I support 1000 per cent what Lucas Mboya said about tribalism and corruption being close twins, where one feeds from the other. I have said the same thing in this blog many times before.

Fellow Kenyans our beloved nation stands at a crossroad, and a very crucial one at that. The choices are simple. We either continue to bury our head in the sand or we demand the truth, starting from July 5th 1969. Some greedy few individuals made a choice for the nation on that fateful day based on all that had happened right from before independence. We must undo what they did by laying it bare and demanding justice for the death of Tom Mboya. I kindly appeal for your support in this noble campaign (see this post to discover how you can help).
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