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Friday, August 10, 2007

9th Parliament Gives Kenyans Yet Another Reason To Vote The Whole Lot Out Of Parliament

The amazingly greedy and corrupt 9th parliament has given Kenyan voters yet another reason to vote it out en masse. It emerges that the parliamentarians were already drawing on allowances that had not yet been passed in the house.

Read the details of this hard-to-believe but true tale now!

Despite all the explanations we are getting from people like Finance Minister Amos Kimunya (hardly a neutral judge in this issue because he is amongst those who have enjoyed the illegal perks) there is no other word to describe what our legislators have been doing other than "theft." And on a grand scale.

Stealing is taking that which does not belong to you. And even when thieves return what the have stolen, they are still called thieves. All this time, not a single MP stood up and blew the whistle on what was happening. Instead they all get drawing and enjoying the money.

I appeal to all Kenyans of good will that we use our voters cards to send the thieves home. No wonder they were all so keen on passing the media bill, they obviously have plenty to hide and what we know is just a tip of the iceberg.

Incidentally somebody asked here how we are going to do it. Actually it is simpler that most people think. Surveys clearly show that Kenyans have already decided that 90 per cent of the legislators are going home. All we need to do is to encourage other voters we meet to do exactly what we ourselves are going to do. We just have 10 per cent of the 9th parliament left to get rid of. That works itself out to 22 legislators on the high side.

Kindly use this weekend's social activities to talk to Kenyans you meet everywhere around the globe.

P.S. Such a message from Kenyan voters to our legislators (i.e. voting out the whole lot) will send fear down the spines of the newly elected novices who will take their place, thus decreasing their chances of behaving the same way. For the new legislators to survive, they will have to start by cutting down their own salaries dramatically.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This robbery of tax payers money by the Member's of Parliament has broken me down to tears as I think of the mwananchi on the ground who's only wish is that he can get piped water to his house and a consistent income to be able to feed his children. But Bwana Tumbo his elected MP doesn't care about his welfare.
I have been reading your blog for quite some time and although I sometimes have different viewpoints.......the love of my country is the one thing that bonds us.
I have my voter's card and this afternoon I'll be purchasing my ticket home for the elections......all the way from the US, my voice will be heard through my vote.
See all you thieves at the polling booth in December !!!



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