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Friday, August 31, 2007

What Is The Police Commissioner Doing In Osaka

Is the police commissioner recruiting speedy would-be officers for the police force in Osaka? Or what is the Maj General Hussein Ali doing with the Kenyan athletes currently in that Japanese city?

Sports Minister Maina Kamanda is with the team in Osaka and was seen on TVs all over the world enthusiastically hugging that young supu who won the 800 metres, gold medal in the ladies event. However at another function where the Minister was addressing/giving a pep talk to the team, the police commissioner was seen seated and listening attentively.

Major General Ali is well known for frequently "not giving dignity to questions by answering them" where he feels that they are not intelligent enough or relevant questions. I have a feeling that a question like "what are you doing in Osaka," would fall under this category.

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1 comment:

coldtusker said...

He is enjoying the good life... courtesy of GOK (yaani, taxpayers chumz!)


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