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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why The Kibaki Administration Is Insisting On New Constituencies

At an unguarded moment recently Justice Minister Martha Karua let it slip that new constituencies "are a must". The clear implication was unlike the minimum reforms being pushed for by the opposition, the Kibaki administration is keen, nay desperate to have the number of MPs increased.

And true to her word, that bill has already been published and is now awaiting debate.

The big question is why is the Kibaki administration so keen on new constituencies just now and why is it so urgent?

If truth be told it would be impossible to fail to link the current campaign to part of the strategy for the re-election for Mwai Kibaki. The idea will obviously be to make the road to re-election that much easier for the incumbent and to also give him more clout in parliament in 2008. And 40 new seats are not few. That is going to be a substantial vote, even in the proposed greatly increased in size 10th parliament.

Although the opposition have vowed to oppose the bill, chances are high it will sail through without too much trouble. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly most MPS in the constituencies that have been earmarked for splitting will want to support the bill because it will decrease competition on the ground and make it easy for them to continue drawing a salary after 2007 of Kshs 850,000 plus benefits for doing very little and in some cases absolutely nothing because many members hardly attend sessions in parliament.

Secondly the government has cleverly sugar-coated the bill with the provision of 50 new seats for nominated women who will specifically be women. As I have often said here, the Kenyan parliament badly needs more representation by women. So the idea will be that anybody seen to be opposing the bill will be seen to opposing more women representation.

Having said that, it is important to note that this is the wrong time for a review of constituency boundaries. The best time would be when a new administration is just beginning its' new term to prevent the inevitable of this being used as a campaign weapon and strategy to the great disadvantage of the Kenyan people.

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Why Chris Murungaru Should Be Re-Appointed To The Cabinet Immediately

WARNING: This is a tongue-in-the-cheek post

Dear Kumekucha,

Allow me some space in your blog which is losing readership, contrary to what your hit counter is showing, but where I am pleased to note that people like Luke have acknowledged that the economy is growing so much so that they are constantly admiring its' upward swing.

I suspect that you will not publish this post because yours is clearly Raila Odinga's 3rd campaign site. The first is, the second is and Kumekucha is the third.

However I am no idiot and I have my own strategy to ensure that you publish this important patriotic post. I am reliably informed that you never read posts contributed by others and only use the spell checker to find certain words and phrases to hurriedly post them. I hereby include those words to be found by your spell checker so that you duly publish this post. Here are the magic words; Raila, Raila Odinga, Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko.

Now let me get to my point and the whole reason for writing this. I have watched with interest and I must say lots of delight and overwhelming joy as certain cabinet ministers linked to the scandal that never was, called Anglo Leasing have been re-appointed to the cabinet. It started with the re-appointment of Kiraitu "Anglo Leasing is the scandal that never was because all the money was returned" Murungi. And then most recently followed by the re-appointment of Daudi "Anglo Leasing I will get to the bottom of it in my own way" Mwiraria.

In fact you can listen to the famous Mwiraria hit recording in connection to Anglo Leasing now. (Click here to listen NOW. Scroll down to the bottom to see link to tape and also to transcript).

This was pure fabrication by John Githongo because as we are aware, all the money was returned and even the promissory notes were all burnt to ashes and will therefore not be paid, I suspect that this Mwalimu Mati guy who keeps on insisting on those damn promissory notes must also be a British spy just like Githongo is. It just beats me why people like Githongo cannot realize that it is our turn to eat and just eat quietly without raising so much dust. Shauri yao we will see what will happen to them when it is the turn of others to eat. Everybody needs to eat to live, even you Kumekucha knows this, after all you must be eating somewhere to write the misleading articles and Raila propaganda you churn out in this blog every day without fail. You think somebody can do that without eating somewhere? Love for the motherland kitu gani!

But of all the re-appointments that have taken place so far one man has been left out whom I feel should have been the first to be re-appointed. After all there are no fabricated tapes or any shred of any evidence linking him to Anglo Leasing. What is wrong with somebody's wealth growing as the economy grows? What is wrong with people working hard to amass a lot of wealth quickly? This beats attending endless ODM rallies carrying plastic hammers, any day.

Anyway, because of the loyalty of this "njamba" amongst other qualities he should be immediately re-appointed to the cabinet. And with immediate effect. Let the people who are making meaningless noise including Kumekucha keep on making their noise and writing meaningless articles and attending endless ODM rallies.

My recommendation is that he should be appointed Minister of Finance that way he will not need to convince anybody to sign certain critical documents like had to be done with Anglo Leasing and the economy will grow even faster. He will just sign off everything himself and that way even the nosy press and civil society will be less likely to interfere with nation-building activity at the Treasury. I guarantee that the economy will grow by 18% (or even more) if this Njamba is put at the Ministry of Finance.

But in case it is absolutely not possible to have Chris Murungaru as our Minister for Finance (although I don't see why not). Then my second recommended choice is the Ministry of foreign affairs. As you know the mheshimiwa is currently barred from setting foot in The United Kingdom and the United States. How unfair! His appointment as minister of foreign affairs would be a very patriotic move because we will have a Goldenberg opportunity (oops sorry, I meant a golden opportunity) to flex our muscles as a country and show those Londoners and the proud Yankees that we are a sovereign state. This will simply be done by henceforth insisting that all important negotiations on behalf of British and American interests in Kenya have to be done by him personally as a Minister and ONLY in London, followed by the signing which must be done Only in America, preferably Washington DC. This will be a good reward to the mwehishimiwa for his loyalty and excellent fundraising skills. I am sure this will work as a charm, because sooner or later these hypocritical super powers will need a favor, whether it is something to do with the war on terrorism or giving British companies some lucrative contracts in Kenya.

Allow me some space to pass on greetings to your dictionary-overusing-side-kick Taabu who always agrees with you, even when you call him names. And your other accomplices who are always pretending not to agree with you but are also "eating" from the sponsors of this blog (why else would people waste their time writing articles here) like Phil of Kibera slums, Vikii wa Kalonzo, Kalamari the womanizer, Derek whinner and the pornographic fake Derek as well, not to forget your chief foreign and propaganda master Marianne Brinner herself. Oh and most recently that young girl who has no idea what she is talking about, Sue or something like that. My advice to all Kenyans is to work hard and get something better and more useful to do than to write fiction (that you try and pass off for political analysis) on the Internet every day for other idlers to read. Or attend endless ODM meetings with plastic hammers.

I reserve my praise for Proud Kikuyu Woman (PKW) and Luke. PKW always tells Kumekucha off and exposes him for who and what he really is. Didn't you notice that she did such a good job last weekend that Kumekucha deleted her comments. We all know that Kumekucha never knew where the delete button was before last weekend. Then ATI the guy claims that she is in fact a man. The guy must be losing it. Maybe even Kumekucha is a 19 year old girl.

And the reason why I praise Luke as well is because as you will notice he does not write many meaningless comments here. He is always too busy admiring the unprecedented economic growth the country has experienced since 2003. On the few occasions when he writes he always reminds us of the good economic growth Kenya is experiencing. What a Kenyan! Anajivunia kweli kua Mkenya, this guy. Why don't you fellas join him? If Luke was to take over as the main Kumekucha blogger, this blog and our country would go very far and I see Kenya being amongst the Tiger economies by the time President Kibaki finishes his second term in 2012 and being a super power in Africa.

Again I ask, why don't you useless fellas join him. Or you can join me in this noble campaign to have Chris Murungaru re-appointed to the cabinet with immediate effect.

Na Kibaki abaki.


P.S. In case Hon Chris Murungaru is re-appointed to the cabinet remember that you first read the recommendation in Kumekucha.

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The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Dr David Awuor's Nairobi Press Conference On Earthquakes Gets Press Blackout

I often wonder would happen if Kumekucha called a press conference in Nairobi to reveal his true identity. Would most of the press ignore the summons or would it be packed? Will we ever find out? Only God knows.

Dr Awuor

There was a time when Dr David Awuor's press conferences would hardly attract a single journalist. What would you expect from a man who says he is a prophet God speaks to? Well, yesterday when he called a press conference, the place was packed with every media house you can think of as well as plenty of curious Kenyans.

They all wanted to hear the latest from "Upstairs" concerning the Nairobi earthquakes. The man did not disappoint and dived straight into the topic. But today newspapers all ignored the story. Only Kenya Times gave the prophet a photograph on page one and a major story on page 3 (Read their story) although in the same article they carried a strong warning from Catholic Bishop Ndingi Mwana Nzeki urging Kenyans to be wary of such doomsday messages.

The other daily newspapers completely ignored the story or hid it in inside pages where forensic skills are required to find it.

The appearance of Dr Awuor complete with a long plaited beard may have been one of the things that put off many city editors. Not to mention the panic that has already been caused amongst those who work in the many highrise buildings in Nairobi's Central Business district and it's environs.

Awuor this time said that the minor quakes were a warning from God for Kenyans to repent. The vices that he says have annoyed God are sexual immorality, witchcraft, prostitution idolatry and a new one that took many people by surprise. And that is the mass exodus in the run up to these elections from church to politics by many well-known so-called servants of God. He pointed out that the reason for this exodus was related to the failure o church leaders to play their role of moral guidance to society and had instead opted for material wealth. There is no doubt that the job of MP is the most admired career as well as the most popular get-rich quick scheme in the eyes of many Kenyans. What with the close to a million shillings monthly take home as well as a long list of privileges that have turned around many lives of MPs who arrived in the house as paupers and now lead very different lives.

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

Police Commissioner Who Died So Strangely And Why Raila Can Do A Lot About Solving Ouko Murder

Yesterday was exactly 10 years since the death of a key witness in the Robert Ouko murder enquiry, and former police commissioner, one Philip Mule Kilonzo.

The strange circumstances behind the death of this police commissioner whose appointment was influenced by former powerful but illiterate Machakos Kanu branch chairman, the late Mulu Mutisya, happened in 1997 and still sends chills down the spines of many.

Kilonzo had already left the force and was having a beer in one of his many business premises in Yatta when he was told that there was somebody outside who wanted to sell him a cow for slaughter at his butchery. Eye witnesses say that Kilonzo left his beer and went out to have a look at the cow (that cost him his life).

When he got back he took one sip of his beer and complained that it tasted strange. The next thing people knew was that he had collapsed in pain. He died a few hours later from what was obviously poisoning. And it is clear that whatever it was, was an extremely strong poison because poisoning somebody with beer is not easy.

So yet another potential witness of the Ouko murder went to the grave with his secrets. It is interesting to note that Kilonzo was one of the aggressive peddlers of the suicide theory, but who knows, had he lived, he may have just changed his story. Obviously somebody decided that he knew too much and decided to take care of it. Interestingly one of his sons Charles Kilonzo is a member of the 9th parliament and represents Yatta.

Retired Scotland sleuth has already gone on record as saying that the late Ouko was killed by executive order from former President Moi. If there was any doubt over just how powerful Ouko's killers must have been, they evaporated when the Gor Sunguh parliamentary select committee to probe the former foreign affairs minister was dogged by enormous pressure including death threats delivered to their mobile phones. So powerful are Ouko's killers that they prevailed and today this murder mystery remains a puzzle.

One man who can help a great deal in solving this mystery is ODM presidential candidate Raila Amollo Odinga. Mr Odinga is a master of using pressure tactics to get things done. Remember when the government refused to register ODM-Kenya? On behalf of myself and all oher patriots who want to see an end to political assassinations in Kenya, I appeal to this front runner for the presidency to honor the words he uttered at the wedding of Ouko's daughter, Susan to David Musila's son. The promise was directed to Christobel Ouko. He promised that he would get to the bottom of the Ouko murder. This would be the perfect way to prove that the allegation that he made a deal with Moi over this murder are false.

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

Online Forensic Experts Point Out Possible Identity Of Porn Poster To Kumekucha

A former journalist who appears to be pretty idle now has been linked to the posting of pornographic material in this site. Evidence gathered based on the IP addresses from where the posts are being made and the writing, which compares with the writer's style elsewhere so closely that it is difficult to miss has left Kumekucha and an expert with little doubt as to who this mysterious poster is.

Naturally if the posts do not stop, I will reveal the findings that have been gathered here for perusal by other readers, as well as the name of the porn addict.

One of the people involved with the investigation has cheekily commented that this may be the new kind of writing this Kenyan journalist is now applying his skills to. This may not be entirely a joke because some porn sites pay some dirty minds pretty well for the filth they churn out and knowing that this journalist has been out of a job for some months, this is one possibility that cannot be ruled out.

I take this opportunity to thank the man very much for greatly increasing the number of hits and popularity of this site by providing me with a story that our readers cannot seem to get enough of. The hit counter for the previous post I carried warning readers of this character went berserk and broke all records last week. Thank you very much.

Meanwhile a study of recent traffic figures to this site reveals that Kenyans and those who read this blog regularly are widely scattered all over the world. The figures and localities change throughout the day with Kenyan traffic rising tremendously mostly in the mornings, Kenyan time. Here is a breakdown taken at 8 pm Kenyan time when Kenyan traffic drops off. Incidentally the prime time for postings by the rogue poster is afternoon to late evening.

I have also included below the percenatges of visitors to Kumekucha today at 8:30 pm Kenyan time. Have also included the ip address of the visitor who spent the longest time on the site from South Africa visiting no less than 5 pages.

Perc. Country Name
53.09% Kenya
21.81% United States
6.58% United Kingdom
3.70% Mauritius
2.67% Italy
2.06% Uganda
1.85% Germany
1.85% Norway
1.44% Spain
1.03% Tanzania, United Republic Of
1.03% South Africa
0.82% Canada
0.82% Angola
0.41% Malaysia
0.21% Belgium
0.21% United Arab Emirates
0.21% Taiwan
0.21% Qatar - IP address of our precious visitor in South Africa. Whoever you are thank you very much. We value your taking the time to drop in.

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just How Corrupt Is Hon Raila Odinga?

This is the most difficult post I have ever had to make here since Kumekucha started (now going to 3 years). It is difficult because I am faced with the prospect of disturbing the peace in this blog and losing a very good dear friend I have made here.

Nobody has contributed so many useful insider scoops to this blog than this good friend of mine that I am talking about. I value this guy very much and I am not ashamed to say that I need him here in this blog. Not only that, this guy works amongst the less privileged Kenyans, the masses of voiceless-down-and-out Kenyans—which already gives him a very soft spot in my heart. You all know that I believe the key to the future is with this group that many of us hardly understand. I asked a question here about how many people have visited the slums and as you can see the silence is deafening—apart from a few counted people (including this treasured friend of mine).

I am praying against all hope that he will not only remain my friend after the information that I am about to disclose, but will be a closer friend because we have one thing in common. We both desire nothing more than a better Kenya. The motherland first, our friendship second.

The founders of this country and people who would have changed the situation in our beloved country no doubt faced the exact same situation I face today. They chose friendship over love for the motherland and see where we are today.

As we seek for change in Kenya, there is one very important thing that we must remember. It was a lesson I learnt in school years ago. There was a very strict teacher who instilled real terror to any students who were unlucky enough to be in his class. On seeking advice on how to "survive" in his class a colleague told me that there was a simple secret to survive in Mr Terror's class. All you needed to know was his golden principal which was, it was OK to make a mistake once but when it was made twice, he went berserk and would use the cane with abandon on a boy's backside. The guy even said it himself many times. To make a mistake the first time is human to make it a second time is to be an idiot and he just had to beat the idiot out of you.

Folks that advice helped a lot and I survived by being very careful not to repeat a mistake that I had already made once. It rubbed off on my life too and I try very hard to stick to it.

This is the reason why I bore many of you here by begging, urging and even bullying you to study Kenya's history. It is because there is no point in making the same mistake all over again. And in that regard we all failed in voting in Mwai Kibaki in 2002. Especially me who voted for him with all my heart, my passion and my everything. Had I bothered to remember my history a little I would have voted differently and I would not be so haunted by memories of how I voted in 2002.

Shortly after Johnstone Kamau (alias Jomo Kenyatta) became Prime Minister and then President of Kenya—incidentally NOT by winning any direct vote by simply being the leader of Kanu which happened to be the party that won most seats in parliament—some Kenyans went overboard with their mutukufus (your excellency's). Baba wa taifa was quickly added to his many titles and soon it was just Baba, which is the same Swahili term people use to refer to God almighty. Very soon after that, it was declared that he should be the president for life and anybody who as much as imagined opposing him should just have their heads examined—their private parts could be chopped off later.

So in short order a former meter reader with the Nairobi City Council became a god in Kenya. I have seen many tendencies with supporters of Raila Odinga that are similar and if they remain unchecked, that is exactly where we will end up—making the same mistake twice. The guy is the best candidate out of what we have so far (in my humble opinion), he is the one who cares most and understands what the common man in Kenya is going through.



He is not perfect.

And as has been said here many times, anybody who wants to be our president must be prepared to be scrutinized by voters. He must be ready to open his closet and show us the skeletons and explain them. And in he event that they don't and we find them, then they should tell us the truth. And this should apply to ALL presidential candidates.

The truth is that the current generation of politicians ARE NOT prepared to do this, without exception.

The apology I have to make today is that I have had this information for some time now, but I feared to present it. I did not want to offend. Some Kumekucha bloggers have said something similar here about information that they too had. I think the new rule we should make my brothers is never to fear to present the information you have as long as it is NOT malicious or biased. I know it is a tall order and the line between malice and genuine investigated scandalous material is very thin. Too thin. But let's at least try.

I have a witness's sworn statement and documents (letters to a well-known Kenyan lawyer to back up the claim) that Hon Raila Odinga teamed up with Joshua Kulei in 2000, on behalf of Moi in offering a certain foreigner millions of dollars in compensation for them to take back evidence implicating the Moi government in a certain very scandalous matter.

Then the thing which pains me most. Why does Raila Odinga no longer talk about the gruesome assassination of Robert Ouko? Can he prove the wild allegation that he made a deal with Moi wrong? (Actually it is not so wild because I also have a little shred of evidence to also support that allegation.)

I have avoided mentioning the molasses plant for now, because that one Raila has replied to in another forum. Not convincingly, but I give him the element of doubt on that one. At least for now. I have also avoided mentioning other issues that could be contentious like the palatial home he has built for himself and his brother. Please let's not touch on that for now.

My friends, supporters of Raila Odinga. History is watching. How you respond to this post and your suggestions on what should be done next will have a huge impact on things. Much bigger than you may think. We badly need a new Kenya where there is no room for blind support but where we can question and probe those we seek to put in high office.

May God help us all and may HE save our beloved motherland of Kenya.

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The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

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Rare Tom Mboya Videos

It is with great joy that I present today three links that will lead you to view some very rare footage of Tom Mboya's funeral procession. Tom Mboya is the fallen patriot to whose memory this blog is dedicated to from the first word that was ever written here.

See the dramatic scene where the widow collapses in grief as she enters the church and has to be held from hitting the ground. See the frightened policemen with crowds surging forward.

See the funeral car arrive in Rusinga Island and splashing in the waters of Lake Victoria before touching the soil that was TJ's final resting place.

See people from all walks of life arriving for the funeral. And a lot more. If you find tears flowing down you cheeks, don't be too surprised. This was the day that belonged to somebody who loved the motherland enough to lay down his life for her. Remember that his American bodyguards warned him and were worried about his security. Let this rare footage inspire you to go out there and fight… please feel free to forward the links to every Kenyan you know.

Here are the links;




Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

About Kumekucha And The PKW Saga

Thank you guys for being real. I am not perfect and I openly accept criticism. There is a huge difference between criticism and vulgar abuse that says nothing but call somebody names (which I have also tolerated a lot of here).

And yes, I am human and I showed a lot of that human part yesterday and shared a little of my life with all you nice guys out there who I consider to be my best friends.

However the issue between me and PKW is not about emotions. When I come here, I leave my emotions at home. How many comments do you think I would have deleted if I came here emotionally? Some comments you good people have even begged me to delete and I haven't. Because anybody can say anything here without fear, except abuse the intelligence of others—I'm going to be very tough on that one and that's why I made a point yesterday.

There is a lot I cannot tell you guys now, but stick with me over the next few days starting on Monday and you will read it between the lines. (I will not say it directly, but I will give enough hints).

Just remember that my chief motive here is to change the leadership in Kenya for better and this naturally attracts many paid hands out to sidetrack and cause mischief amongst us. Some of them are people we consider friends of this blog. But they are something else, I can assure you.

It is important that others are able to have open debate about issues without hidden agendas. That is what I am striving very hard for here. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with supporting Kibaki for re-election here, that is your democratic right. But openly tell us so and argue your points with intelligence, avoiding abusive language and we will just get along fine.

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Slum Stories: Can You Handle It?

I looked at a friend’s braided hair (locally referred to as twist) with admiration at the way it was done. It was neat and shining making her look so elegant. I told her you must take me to that place you did your hair.

She told me it was done in Kibera slums at a place called Kianda, which is near the main road connected to Ayany estate and asked me if I would still want to go, I said why not I don’t have a problem going to the slums, I grew up in an estate next to the slums most of my childhood, so I am familiar with the area and its not such a big issue going to the slums. She told me they are very much cheaper compared to town yet it is done exactly the same way. The lady running the place is called Nyatanga (when translated from Luo means a lady from Tanga in Tanzania), she is a Luo from Tanzania, her family moved to Kenya and is married to a Luo from Kenya.

She advised that we go on a Saturday early morning before 9am, because the place is normally full of customers. On reaching the place, we found more than 10 ladies dressed in red T-shirts printed Nyatanga Salon. They came early to clean the premises and it was interesting to note that they gave each other numbers according to the one who arrived first. This is the sequence used to pick customers. So those who came earlier take the first customers. Otherwise it would be chaotic when they jostle to take the customers.

Being a new customer and the first one to arrive, I was referred to the owner and after telling her how I want my hair done she took me to 2 ladies who were number one and two (in the queue) to do my hair. Since the braids are small and have to be done in 5 hours or less, 2 ladies do one head. I wondered if two people are doing one head what if other customer come, I realized that being a Saturday other salonists had not arrived.. They came late after doing their housework.

As the day moved on more ladies arrived and took other customers until there were around 30 ladies, I also realized they had 2 other shops which they gave names A, B and C. The tiny shops where full to the veranda with customers and the ladies braiding. There were some ladies doing finishing, others were preparing the hairpiece oiling them and dividing them. In the meantime they chatted, gossiped and sung while going on with their work. Hawkers with different types of items even food came to sell their wares to the ladies. I also realized that some customers who wanted to be braided cheaply but neatly in the comfort of their homes came with cars to pick the ladies. Those who were going to customer houses dressed neatly and perfumed themselves not to look like they are from the slums on a mission to braid elegant ladies. They would say they are going mobile.

Looking at this busy salon I wondered why others in Kenya are not this busy. I also realized the ladies where from different tribes of Kenya and different ages. I asked my friend later and she told me Nyatanga is very kind, she decided to invite the ladies to braid in her salon to help them earn a living, instead of just sitting at home or suffering for lack of income. She also told me most of the girls are single parents after getting children at a young age and dropping out the school. Some of the ladies are widows and would be suffering upcountry without income. Some of them are separated from their husbands and few have their husbands. She trained them on how to make neat braids of different styles, being an expert herself and share the proceeds.

I was pleased with this woman and her noble idea of offering employment to girls and women in the slums of Kibera. I realized this is why the place is normally full and the ladies working here are many.

After the first visit and many admiring my hair, I have been going to Nyatangas salon since then. My friends, relatives and colleagues have also joined the chain of customers. I also realized that most of the ladies are still there and many more have joined her. They have other income generating projects like merry-go-rounds, this way they have managed to provide for their families.

If this is how our leaders can support Kenyans from the grass root level, then Kenya would be a much better place. Guest post by Sue

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

A Day In The Life Of Kumekucha

It is true that my heart skips a beat every time I hear a strange sounding car in the neighborhood close to our gate. Alas, nothing but what can be called an occupational hazard. I still have no regrets about the path I have chosen for myself.

And that is one of the reasons why my heart goes out to the really brave folks like one John Githongo. The Kibaki administration is determined to peddle the lie that he is a spy for foreign governments and sadly it seems that some Kenyans have swallowed that one. Yesterday somebody repeated that ridiculous assertion that if he were genuine he should have stayed in the country and exposed Anglo Leasing while in Kenya. I didn't even bother to answer them.

How naïve can one get? The shadowy figures who are the real masterminds behind the grand theft and looting of the treasury would not hesitate to snuff out a life that stands between them and their easy billions, which they have come to consider to be their birthright.

Anyway on this Friday evening I arrive home a little late and find that my grandson "H" has been waiting up for me. I had my first-born daughter before I was 20 and she too went out and had a son shortly after her 19th birthday. Yep, so I am a grand daddy already like Obako although I am not anywhere near his age.

"Daddy, what have your brought me?" that's what he calls me instead of grandpa. And that's not all, the 6-year old thinks that my son (now 17 years old) is his big brother. Our efforts to inform him otherwise have all failed. By the way, his mother still works in the other country where we used to live before we came to where we are now. She visits us as regularly as she can on her small pay as an elementary school teacher.

I have been blessed with just two children My daughter (still single and now 26 years old) and my son whom we will call "M".

"M" is a true dotcom and doesn't like the old Kumekucha design (which we now use in our sister blog). However we agree on all matters political.

"Hiyo design ni kama wewe tu. It is so old," he once told me about the Kumekucha logo.

"M" is very determined to have two careers. Namely professional soccer and rocket science (and if possible he might just squeeze in medicine somewhere). He has the grades to back his ambitions and his nickname in school is "Genius." I advice but I never force my will on him because I am a strong believer in the truth that a person can only be truly happy fulfilling their destiny and nothing else. If that destiny is soccer so be it. However I suspect from his great love of all things biological and his great interest in the human heart (he often names me parts and arteries I have never heard of, although I also did biology in high school) that his true calling is in medicine.

I bring up my children very differently from the way I was brought up and if you hear us having a conversation, you may think it is a big brother small brother affair. At a soccer club we both joined recently (that mostly consists of youngsters) everybody was shocked when they later discovered that I am his dad. Our relationship suggested otherwise.

As I walk into the living room this evening, "M" is busy doing what he does most of his free time and homework time as well (when his mother is not in that is), watching soccer on one of those 24 hour TV sports channels.

"You're late, you must have gotten involved in one of those political debates," M says with his eyes still glued to the tube.

"How come you are always guess right?"

"Sio guess. I know."

"Don't tell me it was about Raila?"

"Right again."

"Why don't you people discuss the Mathare massacre instead?"

"Nobody is interested in that topic."


"I don't know son, we Kenyans are a strange lot, I'm still trying to figure us out."

"When I turn professional for Arsenal, I will do everything to bring their plight to world attention."

"What's for supper?"

"Your favorite. Mum has managed to organize for chapos." immediately my mood lifts.

At that very moment Mrs Kumekucha walks in and kisses me lightly on the cheek.

"Sasa sweetie. How was your day?"


Usually at around this time there is a problem with H, M and Mrs Kumekucha all fighting for my undivided attention. Mrs Kumekucha tends to win "that battle" hands down most of the time because one look in the direction of her son and grandson shuts them up pronto.

I try my best to keep from Mrs Kumekucha the threats that I sometimes receive in my line of work, but she always ends up somehow finding out. That is why she hates politics. She wonders why we cannot live happily and mind our own business. "What can one man do?" she asks sometimes.

Then she sometimes turns round and sheds tears when the plight of the poor and voiceless majority of Kenya are brought to her attention. "These politicians don't care for anybody but themselves. If I was given a chance…"

But that does not stop her sticking with me 1000% in every decision I make. My mind goes back to the time when things were very different between us and we argued about everything and even now it makes me sad, just remembering. Especially that year or so we spent in the slum-like Mabati house, when we couldn't afford to pay the rent of Kshs 2,000.

"Daddy which do you love more? Chapos or your country?"

Where else would such a question come from other than "M" who has noticed that I am really enjoying my supper of chapati and bean stew.

I chew vigorously as I think of an answer that won't be challenged. If I say chapo, "M" will say I am a pretender and hypocrite with my Kumekucha blog. If I say I love my country more, he will ask me why my spirits don't lift as high for Kenya as they do when I discover I am about to have chapos.


"Daddy!!" he admonishes.

"You have seen how I shed tears for the motherland."

Mrs Kumekucha cuts in jokingly; "You just like to cry."

"But I don't cry when I eat chapo."

That shuts them up… for the time being.

I love my family and many times I wish I would turn my back on Kenya and stay away from politics and maybe if possible move even further away, somewhere like Australia and sell the Kumekucha blog for a couple of millions (in this election year, that is very possible.)

But I usually sober up soon enough and recover my resolve. My greatest inspiration is my grandson whom despite living in foreign countries since he was young always keeps asking. "Sisi ni waKenya, si ndio, Daddy?" as if to make sure that he never forgets his nationality.

If I have fun and mind my own business now and forget the cause, what will happen to him? And to so many other young Kenyans out there still growing up?

I have lived a very challenging life. But it has been generally a good life. I am not a millionaire (yet) but I have the things that really matter, like a loving family and especially a wife who loves me to bits, so much so that I get scared sometimes. I love her too, even after all these years.

Yet I have to endanger myself and them in this way, by the path I have chosen to follow.

That's life and I must take it as a man.

All for the love of the motherland.

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

Iko Kitu

Have you noticed that those "strange comments" have disappeared since I raised the red flag in this blog and the quality of debate has gone two to three notches higher?

I am grateful that not all readers of this blog are insensitive. I put Kalamari and Taabu at the top of the list of the most sensitive readers to strange and often subtle moves by some who visit this blog religiously. Of course some of the innocent are helping their cause by making fun of the whole thing and now readers criticizing me warn; "you will probably call me a NSIS agent."

Still I know what I was talking about and I do have evidence to prove what I am saying. Probably the most telling remark is the one where this guy posed the question: "Chris did you expect not to raffle any feathers?"

Thank you my friends in helping me out in that one. But please let us stay very alert to those comments.

I take this opportunity to thank all those of you who said some nice words about this blog yesterday. However let me emphasize that I cannot take the credit for making this blog what it is. One comment clearly identified the fact that those Kenyans to whom this site is a daily staple have taken sides and are big fans of good people like Vikii (he is a man) Kalamari, Taabu, Phil, Luke (still busy admiring economic growth), derek (are they 2 these days?) etc. As I have said so often in the past (and I will never get tired of saying) those are the folks who make Kumekucha what it is and keep yours truly in check. If the ridiculous claim that this is a Raila blog were true, then it will be quite difficult for me to get my way with these good Kenyans around.

Now as a matter of interest, there is mounting evidence that Proud Kikuyu Woman (PKW) may NOT be a woman. Just read carefully through "her" comments and you will detect how "insensitive" they are to women some are downright sexist, if you ask me. I wish there was a way of proving gender online, because it is okay for somebody to call himself or herself anonymous but it makes me nervous that a man should want to pretend to be a woman.

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

The Kenyan Race And Why It Is Symbolic

You know the Kenyan race. Yep that race where only fellow Kenyans can compete and so the frequently expected result is a Kenya one, two, three.

I am of course talking about the 3000 metres steeplechase.

And the strangest of all things is that when a Kenyan changes nationality, they quickly lose their form for this particular race. Meaning that the "magic" is only within the borders of Kenya and one has to be Kenyan for it to work.

And now there is even emerging evidence that it has nothing to do with tribe. Take Ruth Bosibori who won gold in the women's version of the Kenyan race at the recently concluded 9th All Africa games in Algeria. The good lady is from Kisii. Congratulations Ruth.

So what is it about this race and Kenyans?

I believe Kenya's complete dominance in this track event (which surpasses that of the Brazilians in soccer) is symbolic. It is a message to Kenyans to take heart. Despite the many obstacles and problems we face (this race has lots of obstacles) Kenyans, ordinary Kenyans that is, will emerge victorious in the end.

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

Friday, July 27, 2007

Missing Oil Contracts And The Swiss Connection: Why Raila Needs To Come Clean

There have been accusations in parliament leveled against ODM presidential hopeful Raila Odinga in connection to some oil contracts that have "vanished."

I made a few enquiries a few hours ago about the Swiss companies involved. The reason why I am getting a little jittery about this oil business is because both Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing had critical “connections” to Switzerland. I pray that I am wrong amend that everything is above board concerning this oil contract business.

I found out the following scanty information about one of the companies mentioned, Vitol (SA) Geneva,

· The Company has been registered in Switzerland since 1998 but as from 2004 only two persons are authorized tos ign agreements on behalf of the “group” (each of them as individuals and no as joint signatories). The gentlemen are a certain Mr Roland Favre (Swiss) and a Briton named David Fransen.

· Curiously it is said that each company in the Vitol group is owned by individuals in the respective countries, i.e. in the case of Nigera it could be owned by the a person close tpo the President there. Remember that in Nigeria both Olegusin Obasanjo and the current president could not trust anybody with the health portfolio and have held itthemselves.

· Experts in these matters have told me that the company set up looks fishy and could have been designed to keep cash from the transaction in the infamous secret “Swiss accounts.” The big question is why did the Kenyan government sigh such a contract?

In the past Raila Odinga has been linked to various questionable deals which he has never explained to the public. High on the list is the molasses plant. While this blogger knows that Raila is cleaner than virtually all the other major presidential candidates, it is important that he sets the record straight, even though many other former cabinet colleagues of his will never do the same. I am thinking of people like Chris Murungaru. But then the big difference is that Murungaru does not want to be president of Kenya.

I reproduce the article below from today’s Standard that gives details of this development;

Ex-ministers asked to explain oil deal

By Standard Team

Two former Cabinet ministers know the whereabouts of missing contract documents on an oil deal between Kenya and Nigeria, the Government has said.

Heat turned on former Energy ministers, Mr Raila Odinga and Mr Ochillo Ayacko, as the matter of revenue earned from oil trade became the focus of Parliament for the second time.Energy Assistant minister Mr Mwangi Kiunjuri claimed Raila and Ayacko should shed light on the whereabouts of the vital documents, which show details of commission revenues generated by the contracted companies."It is high time we understood the genesis of this matter.

There are no records of premium paid by companies and revenue received by Government from 1999 to 2002," Kiunjuri said in the House on Thursday.He went on: "Mr Odinga was in charge of the Energy docket between 2001 and 2002, and he is in a better position to comment on the whereabouts of the records." Minister alleged there was a sinister motive.

Further, Kiunjuri said reductions of price per barrel from $210 to $70 were effected in 2004 during Ayacko’s tenure and "he should comment on the same too".The minister alleged there was a sinister motive regarding the questioning of the oil deal, which he linked to the failure by the Government to renew a contract to one of the companies.

Raila and Ayacko were dropped from the Cabinet after the Government’s defeat at the November 2005 referendum on the proposed constitution.

Kiunjuri said the lifting contracts had been awarded to two companies in the last three years: Arcadia in 2004/2005, and Vitol (SA) Geneva from 2005 to 2007.

Revenue received from the deal was Sh141.6 million, with Vitol (SA) Geneva accounting for Sh99.9 million and Arcadia Sh41.6 million. Firm lost contract in an open tender.

Nigeria supplies 30,000 barrels of crude oil per day, according to a one-year agreement, which expires on October 1 and is subject to renewal."

The actual oil barrels received under this agreement are, however, dependent on the availability and subject to monthly nominations by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation," Kiunjuri added. The minister said Arcadia lost the contract in an open tender.Answering Alego-Usonga MP, Mr Sammy Weya (Narc), who sparked off the debate a fortnight ago, Kiunjuri maintained the State was not enjoying any concessions by buying fuel from the Nigerian Government.

He tabled the contract for sale and purchase of the crude oil alongside a breakdown showing the amount of crude oil lifted and premiums paid by the companies. Raila had earlier said he negotiated the deal.

Kiunjuri alleged ulterior motives in the manner in which the matter had been pursued in Parliament and asked the Chair to compel Weya to declare his intentions. However, Deputy Speaker David Musila declined. Weya protested that the Speaker had directed the minister to furnish him with the documents beforehand, but Musila ruled the demand had been overtaken by events.

He, however, said Weya would next week probe the matter further once he had perused the tabled documents. On July 12, Raila said he negotiated the deal, which allowed the Government to lift oil at prices lower than market rates.

MPs wondered why returns from the oil industry were dwindling at a time when Kenya was enjoying lower prices and concessions, which the Government has since denied knowledge of.

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

We Have Made A Difference Already And Hope To Do Much More

Why Kumekucha Is Not "Just For Whiners"

I just want to bring to the attention of our regular readers and even casual readers, what is happening in this blog with mostly those leaving comments.

As traffic grows in leaps and bounds, many folks arriving here have been referred here by various people and arrive here with certain prejudices, which are at the top of their minds before they read a single sentence. These prejudicial views of course depend a lot on the views of the Kenyan who has referred them.

While I welcome all readers kindly note that when you rush to make sweeping statements and prejudicial remarks, when you have not taken the time to even read through one post, it is annoying to other readers.

You are of course welcome to your own views, and that is something I would defend on your behalf because it is the essence of the democracy we aspire to so much in our beloved motherland.

However I do not agree with the view that this is a site for whiners who do nothing but complain, “when the economy is growing”.

In fact we have been able to achieve a lot here apart from “growing” and becoming better people. Personally Kumekucha has changed my life because it has enabled me to meet so many wonderful people and to learn so much from them. I am sure many other regulars can say the same.

Let me also emphasize that if my writing comes across with too much passion, I have no apologies to make because I am privileged to be fairly familiar with the plight of the common man in Kenya struggling to put food on the table. Many Kenyans have no problem making fun of the poor because the general belief is that poor people are poor because they are stupid or lack “business acumen.’ I beg to differ. Most poor people in Kenya are poor because of bad, selfish, insensitive government policies.

So if I sound a little angry and impatient, it is understandable and I really have no excuses to make.

Although president Kibaki has done a lot since 2002, not only is it too little too late but it is taking the country in the wrong direction. The right direction in my view is starting off with policies that are designed to put the economy in the hands of the common man so to speak (Not a few a handful of investors mainly from one community).

It is important that the engine of the economy and of growth are in the hands of ordinary Kenyans. This means determining that the creation of jobs should be the top agenda which should be reflected in everything the government does.

Saving Kenya, in my view will also require many "thinking out of the box" ideas that the current political class cannot handle, let alone think up. For instance establishing work for higher education farms and work for food schemes countrywide. We urgently need to give a helping hand to our brothers who are doing badly thanks mainly to mega corruption scandals like Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing that have devalued the currency overnight and caused great suffering across the nation.

We need a government policy where a certain percentage of government contracts are reserved for small scale businesses and ways found to finance them by paying 50% upfront for services and products ordered from them. (You will be surprised poor people are much more honest than rich folks).

We need a government that will be sensitive enough to remove all VAT and other taxes from basic food stuffs sold in slums and other low income areas.

We need a very intensive countrywide sports and football program (that would be very easy to finance) where soccer talent can be nurtured and developed even as the youths there go through a special education program to prepare them for life after their sporting professional careers. I personally know Kenyans who are good agents and can help us sell this talent to big soccer clubs in the West, even as we develop the game locally. There should also be numerous active programs to keep the youth busy so that less of them end up in crime as is the case today.

We also need a truth and reconciliation commission to deal with our dark past and to send a clear message to any would-be-thieves of the future that corruption may make you rich in the short term but in the long term it does not pay.

Our foreign missions need to start actively assisting in helping place qualified Kenyans in openings available at their stations and also promoting trade much more aggressively.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. Please keep reading this blog and we will unveil more of these ideas as we head to the mother of all general elections.

I am grateful that some very powerful people in Kenya today read this blog regularly and quite often take action on various things we suggest here. The most recent example is the directive by the government to the Nairobi City Council to go slow on the implementation of the ban on plastic bags. I believe our small humble efforts here contributed in a small way at least to that decision.

So you see, we are not just whiners, we have built a forum here (by the grace of God) where tens of thousands of Kenyans can exchange views and learn things that will improve our country. The problem with many of our readers, especially those from you know where, are desperate and eager to link us to a certain politician or foreign financier. Good luck to them because the truth is that I am just an ordinary Kenyan trying to make a difference and I have been joined by many other like-minded persons who love their country even more than I do.

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dear Kenyan, What Legacy Would You Like To Leave Behind?

As much as we all have different political leanings and ideas on the way forward for Kenya, we all agree about one thing; that the country is in the mess it is in today because our fathers, mothers and uncles mostly decided to do nothing, through 40 years of misrule.

Alas, they had a good excuse, with the cold war that propped up murderous dictatorial governments in Africa opposing a government in those days was a sure death sentence.

But despite the fact that you and me are in a much better position to do a lot today, most Kenyans would rather not get involved. And that’s fine in fact it is your democratic right.

But consider the following; what legacy would you like to leave behind when your number is called out on a day nobody but your maker knows?

Is it…

He/she was a good law abiding citizen who stood aside and did nothing as their country went to the dogs.

Or would you like your grand children to and great grand children to fondly remember you thus…

He made a difference. He stood up for principals at a time when others had gotten terribly rich at the expense of the masses by having none.

He was a great Kenyan who made a difference.

History beckons. Your country needs you NOW more than ever before. The decision is yours.

If not you who, of not now when?

I can hear you say that you have children to educate and a family that you are responsible for. So do we all but I assume that you are educating your kids to live and work in foreign lands because if you and I do nothing now, there will soon be no Kenya left.

Please think about this deeply and forward this message to others as your first step in doing something.

For the love of the motherland,

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

Is Kenya Headed In The Right Direction?

People living in Havana in the 1960s learnt how to live with the constant shrieking voice of some woman screaming "Fatherland or death" every time they picked up the phone, instead of the customary dial tone

What is really sickening about this question is the fact that anybody should be asking it at all. It should be so obvious that this should be a stupid question to ask.

Sadly a clever sustained campaign by the Kibaki administration to lie to the public (for self-preservation) has convinced many that Kenya is headed in the right direction and we just need to be patient.

Propaganda is a powerful thing. When you repeat something over and over again, (as this message that all we need is more time with the Kibaki administration and everything will be super) it soon becomes accepted truth. We are tol;d the Kibaki administration is much better than Moi’s and then we see the two holding frequent consultations and yesterday’s appointment of Moi is a message that is louder than words which tells Kenyans; Moi wasn’t all that bad.

People living in Havana in the 1960s learnt how to live with the shrieking voice of some woman screaming “Fatherland or death” every time they picked up the phone, instead of the customary dial tone. It worked because Cubans soon realized there were only two options, to flee the country or to comply. And that is why to date despite the best covert efforts of the very best in the world, Castro is still in power. Propaganda works when you repeat it over and over again in the media.

So many Kenyans today are being patient.

Patient as corruption in high places continues unabated. Patient as violence in the country escalates to new unprecedented levels. Patient as tribalism increases and is encouraged by our political class as a strategy for them to remain in power. Patient as the perpetrators of Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing play political chess to influence election results this year so that they will be free to do another Anglo Leasing and another Goldenberg.

Asking Kenyans to be patient now is akin to raping a woman or a man and telling them to be patient because things will soon get better.

The naked truth is that as long as Kenya is headed in the wrong direction, things will never, ever be the same again.

Meanwhile those Kenyans not doing well are being made to feel small and inadequate by being told that the economy is growing and that the only reason they are not doing well is because they are attending endless ODM rallies and activities rather than working hard. I ask working hard doing what?

I am an entrepreneur with vast experience and once even got involved in hawking activities. Believe me when I tell you that there was a time, not too long ago in our beloved motherland called Kenya when you could wake up in the morning with Kshs 10/- in your pocket, go out there and roast maize or something and have in your hands Kshs 200/- at the end of a day of hard work. Not anymore!! That is no longer possible today. Reason? Too many Kenyans are living on a desperate hand to mouth budget that is sinking them deeper into debt, let alone leaving them with any disposable income. And those are the lucky ones. The rest are having a serious problem putting food in their stomach regularly. What this means is that there are very few if any opportunities remaining for the common man to work hard and make good.

Many people reading this article may shake their heads in disbelief. One can after all invest in the stock exchange and you do not need too much money to start. If you are thinking in this direction then you have just delivered further evidence of a very dangerous situation that has developed and is rapidly escalating even as everybody ignores it. This is the widening gap between the vast majority of poor Kenyans and the rest of the country. The saddest thing is that the rest of Kenya can hardly understand the poor. I have met many Kenyans who believe that the poor in Kenya are poor because they are not very bright. Some say that there will always be poor people and nobody can do anything about it. NO!! That is not true.

Figures show that a vast majority of Kenyans, well over 70 per cent of the population live on less than a dollar a day. That is Kshs 65 (using current exchange rates). What many of the bureaucrats doing this research do not know is the fact that a vast majority of Kenyans do not handle Kshs 65 for months on end. But even with that kind of money, how long will it take you to raise Kshs 10,000 to purchase the minimum of 100 shares of stocks? Assuming that you starve yourself and eat nothing for a month, you will only have Kshs 1,950 and you'll have died of starvation.

Most of the people who are poor in Kenya today are poor mainly because of bad governance and corruption as well as a government that hardly understands what it means to be poor in Kenya today. In fact more privileged Kenyans have openly stated in this forum that Mathare residents got what they deserved in the massacre that happened during the crack down on Mungiki. That is what it means to be poor in Kenya today because those poor innocent victims do not live in Mathare out of choice. They would gladly prefer Muthaiga or Lavington where Mungiki crackdowns of the kind that happened in June this year never happened.

It is interesting that the terrorists who assembled the bomb that went off at the American embassy in Nairobi 1998 did their dirty work in the up market Runda estate. Therefore using the reasoning I have seen here, the police should have carried out a major crackdown in Runda estate to flash out terrorists. Well, it never happened. Never mind the fact that by the time the police were killing innocent people in Mathare the real Mungiki had already fled. Guess where the nearest best refuge is. Yep! Muthaiga. So why did the rape and shooting operation not extend to Muthaiga.

I guess we just need to patient; it will get there soon enough.

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

Crime Has Now Dropped To Historically Low Levels: Police Commissioner Says

It is indeed true that figures can be used to prove anything.

A few hours ago, the police Commissioner Major General Ali called a press conference to report that due to concerted efforts by his officers, crime has now gone down to a level last witnessed 2 years ago.

I leave it to Kenyans on the ground to pass a verdict over that allegation. However there is one very important consideration the commissioner missed. The fact that Kenyans have lost faith in the police so much so that they no longer bother to report serious crime. This is what has brought down the figures so dramatically. And the way things are going those figures are set to drop even further.

What an achievement!! Hey, Luke, my brother here is something else to admire other than the greatly improved economy.

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

Moism Without Moi


If you are keen enough you will see of late the kind of initiatives the Kibaki administration is laying out in an effort to “upgrade” the livelihood of the people.

Notably I wish to cite the Thika road, the roads ministry has proved to be a true disciple of Macadam the father of tarmac roads by showcasing a dazzling repair works, scraping and filling pot hills and potholes respectively.

This is just a tip of the iceberg, developmental projects have become the order of the day, employing close to a million Kenyans directly or indirectly surpassing their election pledge of 500,000 jobs yearly. But hey there is a catch this being an election year according to Kenya ’s political calendar which is meant to signify political sunset for the unlucky politicians and political groupings (parties). Therefore no prizes offered for guessing why the current generosity and sweet talking (read bribery). This is no different from Moi’s era only that the package is different (size and/or type) hence the warning by Ngugi wa Thiongo “ MOISIM without MOI” ; he had a taste of his own medicine when his homecoming was frustrated.

The current Kenya ’s situation , the deepening of neo-liberal economic fundamentalism represents the most threatening stage of human development: It may even be interpreted as the apex of the patriarchal and capitalistic exchange economy, with cynical self-interest at its ideological core. This is a moment in history when the gifts of the many, of the land, of nature, the caregivers in homes, hospitals and educational institutions are not only being taken for granted but exploited and appropriated to serve the people in exchange of their votes.

Thus when Karl Marx analysed religion as the “opium of the oppressed” as an attempt to ameliorate the suffering resulting from economic exploitation and inequality by the comforting myth of an afterlife in which, according to the Christian tradition at least, the first will be last and the last will be first and the meek will inherit the earth, one can interpreted Kibaki’s government policy as an Illusion or psychotic fantasy by which the ego seeks to deny the reality of poverty levels in Kenya (position153 Human Poverty Index) over taxation ,high bribery index are the order of the day which regardless of economic status, is an inescapable facet of the human condition.

Kenyans I dare you to make a mistake and re elect Kibaki on whichever party for this will mark the end of honeymoon and usher a new era of TM diet, remember he was Moi’s best no 1 student only that he graduated early - he grasped better than others . Look at the Daudi Mwiraria’s comeback its just like the Nicholas Biwott’s come back in the early 90’ s after the Ouko saga. Plus the old man is consulting Moi a lot… kibaki is a rightists and guards status quo jealously.

This is to my fellow youth come December lets not only vote with our conscience but good intelligence "Let us do what we must do. And let us do it so well that when we are done, they may look and cry out... Lo and Behold! They have done such a great job and look at how young they are!!"

Guest post by M.S.K.

Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"




Mwai Kibaki has once again demonstrated his complete lack of commitment to fight corruption and, even more, that he is a beneficiary of it. The Anglo Leasing and the corruption scandals of Moi, and Kenyatta before him, will remain unresolved so long as Mwai Kibaki is the President. His continued dalliance with Daniel arap Moi is proof enough of his going back on his word to Kenyans that 'Corruption will cease to be a way of life in Kenya'. So too is the reappointment of the disgraced Daudi Mwiraria.

Kenyans must remember that the Anglo Leasing scandal is as yet unresolved and has cost them Ksh.56 billion that we know of from the Controller and Auditor General's report. The scandal of Irrevocable Promissory Notes (IPNs) also remains with us. Undisclosed amounts in the IPN's are floating out there exposing Kenyans to pay for what they never received. In spite of the reports by Kroll and associates of 2004, which found Ksh. 79 billion stashed abroad, nothing has been returned to Kenya while the government claims its impotence to recover stolen assets.

Kenyans need to be informed now that even today the government is perpetuating further actions of corruption, no doubt related to the need to raise money for elections.

Specifically it has committed Ksh. 840 Million by a contract of February 2007 to overhaul four second-hand junk helicopters which were fraudulently purchased through Anglo Leasing type procedures in 1998. Provision has been made in the current budget estimates to pay for overhauling the junk helicopters, thus throwing good money after bad. It would be better to cancel the fraudulent deals and instead buy new, functional equipment transparently. New and cheaper helicopters are .available on the market. The purchase of faulty equipment on whose rehabilitation and maintenance ever greater sums must be spent provides a cover for continued theft of public resources.

A most suspect provision in the 2007/08 budget is for the repayment of a phantom loan incurred in the 1970's for the never built KENREN Chemical and Fertilizer factory. The provision of KShs.4.4 billion has been made for the repayment of this fictious loan incurred during the stewardship of the Treasury by Hon. Mwai Kibaki. Thirty years later, under the government of that same Mwai Kibaki, Kenyans are being asked to pay KShs. 268,626,623 million for a service that was never rendered. To this day no factory has ever been built. This is similar to the way in which Kenyans will continue to remain liable for the repayment of the illegitimate debts incurred during the Anglo Leasing looting spree.

One of the first contracts signed by this government was for a naval warship for 4 billion shillings. Then Minister for Internal Security Chris Murungaru clearly lays blame for this deal at the president's feet. Kibaki has never denied responsibility. The parliamentary committee on Defence and Foreign Relation supported this deal even though important questions remain unanswered:

• The committee does not appear to have had the technical capacity to properly assess the project
• The committee never spoke to the company that built the ship but instead contacted the brokers who were themselves under investigation by KACC
• The ship is not fitted with weapons which would make it useful for defence
• The radar and other equipment on it are without warranty
• In short it is not a warship

The conduct and the conclusions of the parliamentary committee's inquiry into this ship is suspect and, we are informed, contrary to normal parliamentary standing orders and practice. Further, the report was, curiously, available to litigants in court before it was tabled in Parliament.

Both the helicopter and the navy ship contracts should be cancelled, money paid refunded and the responsible public officers investigated and prosecuted.

There is more. The current budget makes provisions for a mysterious payment to a French bank BNP of Ksh. 603 Million this year. Kenyans must be told what this payment and many similar ones are for.

We expect in the next few days to see attempts to whitewash Anglo Leasing suspects similar to the gazette notice by KACC which purported to clear Kiraitu Murungi.

The time has come for Kenyans to finally accept that the Kibaki they have is not the Kibaki they elected. This Kibaki is prepared to enter into the most unprincipled deals to secure his hold on power. If he is re-elected, it is clear what Kenyans can expect from a Kibaki II government namely even more unrestrained corruption, abuse of power and flagrant impunity.

From 2002, Kibaki seems to have come full circle from 'Yote yawezekana bila Moi' to today's apparent slogan of 'Hakuna chawezekana bila Moi'. Let the Kenyan voter beware!

This forum recalls that Civil Society endorsed the Kibaki candidature in 2002. We now resolve to call on them to formally withdraw their endorsement of Mwai Kibaki for reasons of betrayal and corruption as cited above.

The forum further resolves to put the same case to the 2000 delegates of the National Youth Convention which will be held in Nairobi on 11th-12th August 2007 at KICC to formally do the same.

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What Kibaki And Moi Are Planning Against Kenyans

Recently President Kibaki had yet another meeting with former President Moi that sent jitters down the spines of those in the know. (As I was posting this, news came through that Moi has been appointed special envoy to the Sudan. Still I don’t believe that this is the only thing No2 and No3 were discussing).

Contrary to common belief, the two old men have not fallen out with each other and insiders say that the meeting was designed to put the final touches to their campaign strategy.

Apparently as we head towards the polls, meetings involving the two will dwindle and disappear altogether. The idea is that the two men are not supposed to present a united front image to the voting public.

I told you here months ago that Kanu would go it alone in this general elections and that they will probably even field a presidential candidate. I stand by my story. But what Kenyans are not aware of is the intricately laid out plan by the two men to ensure that the status quo is maintained and that ill-gotten wealth acquired during the Moi Presidency and also during Kibaki's tenure is fully protected.

I find it interesting that eve after former President Moi's influence has become rather clear there are many Kumekucha readers still in denial and who keep on saying here that Moi is of no consequence in the coming general elections.

I have concluded that the reason for this shortsightedness is the fact that many Kenyans still analyze politics emotionally and use their hearts rather than their brains. Let me explain. I have my preferred presidential candidate who as you all now is John Githongo. Now imagine a situation where I analyze the presidency and allow my personal preferences to cloud my judgment. To begin with I will be of no use to my preferred candidate because I will hardly be able to see the strengths of his opponents, which means that thinking up a strategy will be impossible.

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Kenyans, it is a very useful to be able to leave emotions out of your political analysis. It is the only way you can be truly useful to your preferred candidate. However if you wish to remain a mere heckler, that is still okay and definitely within your democratic rights.

Unless Kenyans do something about it, the 2nd and 3rd President's of Kenya will have a major say on what unfolds in December this year and who will yield political power come January 2008.

Here's their game plan.

President Kibaki will run on his own with whatever party he chooses (Narc Kenya or otherwise.) Kanu under the micro-management of No 2 or Baba Gidi, as we call him in this blog (Thank you Taabu) will also run on its' own. I still insist that Kanu are the party to beat this time round. Let me list just four reasons here.

i) They are the single party that has the highest number of seats in parliament. The Narc of 2002 is a "coalition" that was formed before the elections and that is why it promptly disintegrated soon after the election victory. In African politics the incumbent always starts with a huge advantage and the party already with the majority of seats also starts with a similar advantage.

ii) Kanu is the only political party in the country that has a grassroots network the reaches out to every single constituency and district in the republic. This is a huge, huge advantage. For starters it means that just like last time, this will be the only party capable of fielding a candidate in every constituency in the nation.

iii) To the common ordinary Kenyan on the ground, life was much better under the Kanu government and Moi. Asking the folks in the villages to return Kanu to power will be a very persuasive message that many voters will see good reason to heed. I have said that it is not prudent to analyze politics with emotions, but that is exactly what the voters on the ground will be doing. I can assure you that one very emotional issue is the difficulties in getting money that ordinary Kenyans talk about on the ground. Many are saying that hii serekali na uchumi ni ya matajari (this government and economy is only for the rich).

iv) Kanu is clearly being positioned to receive strong defectors from both ODM Kenya and Narc-Kenya. Already it is clear that there are areas where ODM will not be able to penetrate where Kanu will be comfortable and will even have a decent chance of winning in certain constituencies. Most notably Central Province. There are also areas where Narc cannot dare venture where Kanu will be welcome and can easily win if the ODM get their nomination exercise wrong, which is very easy to do. You know the one place at the top of the list here—Luo Nyanza, naturally. The sum of all this is that Kanu will end up with a huge number of parliamentary seats.

The game plan is that Kibaki's political party and Kanu working separately will between them win the majority of seats in parliament. So as soon as President Kibaki supposedly wins the elections, he will simply form another GNU (Government of national unity with Kanu). Actually of all goes according to plan, he will not need any other political partner, which will give him a much more peaceful second term. This also means that in this scenario, chances are pretty high that Kenya's next vice president will be from Kanu.

Now let me get some emotions into this. Kumekucha ha a strategy to counter this. A very powerful one indeed. Sorry folks we have already entered the season of high politics and I cannot reveal my Githongo-winning strategy against this schemes. But that doesn't pevent us from discussing a few scenarios in the comments section below. A word of caution. There is mounting evidence that our brothers at the NSIS are getting desperate and one of their methods (used frequently here) is to rubbish my entire analysis and divert attention from certain truths and instead turn our discussion here into a personal thing of who is right and who is not. Beware of those kind of comments.

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David Mwiraria's Return To The Cabinet

The Message That The President Is Sending Forth Is That Anglo Leasing NEVER Happened

The words on the Anglo Leasing tapes are still pretty clear on the minds of many Kenyans.

"I will use my own way…" Mwiraria said audibly meaning that he would use his own way to get to the bottom of the identity of the shadowy figures said to have embezzled and then allegedly wired back huge amounts of funds to the Central Bank. Actually billions of it.

Now the man who was also heard saying in the same Githongo tape that if they were not careful, this was something that could easily bring down the Kibaki government, seems to have had his "own way" and like his tribes-mate, Energy Minister Kiraitu Murungi, has bounced back into the Kibaki cabinet ahead of the general elections.

Even more interesting is the fact that not too long ago, first lady Lucy Kibaki told a meeting in Meru that she did not know exactly how to address Mwiraria, whether to call him MP or Minister, because he was going to be back in the cabinet pretty soon. And that is exactly what has happened. Meru men's views on women are well known and for sure Mwiraria's political opponents on the ground will be asking the question loudly in front of voters; who really re-appointed Mwiraria? Very petty and silly but the sort of question that can carry tens of thousands of votes in areas like Meru and Kisii to mention the most notoriously gender insensitive areas in the country.

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

Why NSIS And The Kibaki Administration Are Terrified Of A Githongo Candidature

The intelligence community in Kenya, as well as numerous foreign ones are pretty busy at the moment as we hurtle ever closer to the general elections.

One interesting aspect has emerged. It is rather clear that the NSIS are very wary of a John Githongo candidature in the coming general elections. There is mounting evidence that links several attempts to discredit Githongo to them. Starting with a curious newspaper article that was somehow sneaked in and ended up appearing in the Daily Nation labeling Githongo a foreign spy.

The latest is a site that has clearly been designed to discredit the character of presidential candididate Mr Githongo. Here is the link;

The site talks about Githongo's alleged sexual preferences amongst other things clearly designed to discredit the man who is currently the most credible presidential candidate that we can field. Those who know the former PS of ethics well, including this blogger are naturally disgusted at this shameless mud racking campaign. But now we can also suspect where those anti-Githongo comments that sometimes appear in this blog are coming from.

Just think about it. President Kibaki's think tank are not worried about a Raila candidature (they in fact appear pretty comfortable with it and would even seem to support it.) It is also instructive that the candidate who seems to support Kalonzo at the moment and will probably leave ODM with him is Musalia Mudavadi. I have published privileged information here to the effect that the president's strategist were really scared of a Mudavadi candidature in a united ODM. Now it is very clear that a united ODM with all the current players still intact is highly unlikely.

Which leaves possible presidential candidate John Githongo as the only threat.

It is really not surprising when you think about it. Githongo is the only presidential candidate who has a clear image with the electorate over what he stands for. He made his statement when he fled the country and exposed shocking details of the Anglo Leasing scandal to the world. Here is a candidate whose support transcends and criss-crosses across tribal boundaries and tribal emotions. Actually he is the only national candidate currently.

Again look out for those strange comments rubbishing this post without giving concrete convincing arguments. When you see them, it will be clear where they will be coming from.

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mathare Killing Fields: The Untold Story Of A Massive Massacre By The Kenya Police Part I of II

Kumekucha Exclusive Investigation

The blood has dried. The tears have dried too. But the hearts of the poor residents of the Mathare slums are still bleeding and crying for justice.

The violent police crackdown on people suspected to be adherents of the outlawed Mungiki sect in the sprawling Valley of Death is still fresh in the minds of many. June 2007 is perhaps the worst bloodbath the residents have ever witnessed. It was similar to what happened in North Eastern Kenya during the infamous Wagalla massacre.
The descendants of Mathare residents will forever remember June for it’s the month that armed police backed by the dreaded General Service Unit turned the slum into a killing field to avenge the killing of just three of colleagues on the night of June 4—but on innocent wananchi and not the real perpetrators. A major security operation that was launched a few minutes after the police were shot dead left a trail of blood and tears in Mathare.

By the time the police guns fell silent a few days later, at least 80 people – men, women and children—had lost their lives for a crime they were not party to. Many other residents were left nursing broken jaws and limbs. Mothers and their young children spent cold nights as State agents turned the shanties they call home into a slaughter houses for humans.

And while the police were slaughtering and brutalizing the poor and helpless residents of Mathare, other Kenyans turned a blind eye to their problems and opted to watch free police movies on their TVs. They seemed contented with the lies that were being churned out by the mainstream media that the people who had been killed were members of the Mungiki sect. Mathare residents were paying for only one crime, a dreadful one in Kenya—being poor. When did women old enough to be our mothers and young children become members of the dreaded Mungiki sect?

What happened in Mathare and the wall of silence from other Kenyans showed how Kenyans have lost value for human life. In search for the truth, Kumekucha has spent a number of days in the slums interviewing witnesses and police officers who were willing to shed light on exactly what happened—and they made chilling revelations which we promised yesterday that we would expose today. All the information published here was counter-checked with various independent sources and we believe it’ll help shed light on the evils that our police perpetuate under the cover of darkness.

According to our investigations, the Mathare massacre could be traced to the incident where three policemen were killed when they went to Mathare slums on the night of June 4. Information in our possession shows the officers had gone to the slums to collect protection fees from traders who carry out illicit businesses like brewing and selling chang’aa and selling bhang.

The three officers were not very conversant with the slum since they had just been transferred to the capital city from stations in the countryside. According to police officers conversant with the Mathare massacre, police had formed a tradition of venturing into the slum at night under the pretext of doing foot patrols to collect protection fee from the traders. When the officers attached to Mathare are transferred from Nairobi, they always make sure they induct their new colleagues to the extortion ring.

In the case of the three officers, it seemed their colleagues whom they replaced never gave them proper briefing and this cost them their lives. They seemed to have greatly underestimated the might of a criminal gang going by the name of Mungiki, which rivaled the police in collecting protection fees from the residents. The majority of poor Mathare residents live under the mercy of both the police and the ruthless criminal gang. The gang also profits from charging illegal water and power connections in Mathare, which is home to about 500,000 people. Traders who pay the Mungiki gang are assured of protection from the police. The three officers had not done their homework well.

Our investigations have revealed that when the three officers went to the slum under the cover of darkness on the fateful night, they did the usual thing - moving from one trader to another collecting protection fees. But they walked into trouble when they approached a woman who was selling chang’aa in her den and demanded to be given Sh500. A few minutes before the police called on her, the woman had parted with Sh300 to the Mungiki gang. Furious that the Mungiki had not kept their promise of keeping the police at bay, the woman ushered the officers into her chang’aa den and told them she only had Sh200. She then excused herself saying that she was going to borrow more cash.

Reflecting on how they had made good harvest that night, the officers relaxed and sat down on a makeshift bench and waited to bag in Sh500 extra. In the meantime, the woman managed to trace the Mungiki gang who were just hovering in the vicinity and voiced her protest. Without wasting time, the Mungiki gang hurriedly armed themselves and went for the officers.

Investigations by Kumekucha revealed the gang caught the officers unawares and they sprayed them with bullets as they sat on the bench. None of them had the time to cock their guns, let alone pull the trigger. Two of the officers died on the spot while the third one succumbed to bullet wounds on the way to hospital.

The officers were killed at a time when Mungiki gangs were on the loose in Nairobi, Murang’a and Kiambu and they were being blamed for beheading more than 10 people in a span of a month. At least 10 police officers had also been felled by the Mungiki power in the same period. Strangely, the police reaction was very cold, almost unconcerned when innocent people were being butchered by Mungiki thugs. In fact, different police bosses could be seen on TV re-assuring Kenyans that those incidents were isolated and that they were on top of things.

But the zeal they went about avenging the killing of their three colleagues broke every rule in the book of law and left many people baffled. How comes the police never react this way when Kenyans are being killed? If the same force was applied every time a Kenyan—regardless of whether you are an ordinary person of a police officer—was killed by criminals, the Mathare incident would have passed for just any other. In fact, criminals would have been wiped from the map of Kenya long time ago. But the police only seemed to feel the pain when one of their own was under attack.

No human being—apart from the police carrying out the operation—was safe in Mathare when the police came calling under the cover of darkness. By this time, the gang which had killed the officers had vanished long time ago with their guns. Our investigations showed that the first group of officers who raced to the scene where their colleagues were killed, interviewed witnesses and found out exactly what led to the killings. When this information was relayed to their seniors at the provincial police headquarters and at police headquarters, an execution order for the woman who contributed to the deaths was issued. The woman died under a hail of bullets and her body was among those which were discarded by the police in open fields along the Mombasa highway to be eaten by wild animals or to rot naturally.

Truck-loads of GSU officers and officers from specialized units like the Flying Squad and the Special Crime Prevention Unit were mobilized and they descended on the Valley of Death like hungry vultures. They formed a ring around the valley to ensure that no resident left the area. On the first night, police shot dead 33 Mathare residents in cold blood. The security operation went on for more than a week and at least 80 people had lost their lives by the time the police guns went silent.

Our investigations show that senior police officers held an urgent meeting after the three officers were killed and resolved that the security operation could not be effective with TV cameras rolling and journalists watching the crackdown. A senior officer was appointed to handle journalist and confine them into one corner as the police butchered and terrorized the residents on the other invisible end. They feared journalists would expose the massacre to the outside world.

It was the work of the senior officer guarding the journalists to feed them with misleading information, which most of them happily published or aired without question. Unknown to the journalists, the police were busy executing any residents they came across on the other end. They then carried the blood-soaked bodies into waiting police lorries, which were hidden on the other end. Another senior officer in charge of the bloodbath squad would occasionally order a policeman to fire in the air towards where the journalists were “waiting for news” to scare them. The officer who was with the journalists would then tell the journalists that they were being shot at by the Mungiki and that was why the police would not take the risk of allowing journalist to venture into the “battle-front”.

The Daily Nation sent shivers down the spine of senior police officers when it went to town with a headline story on the riddle of the missing bodies from the Mathare massacre. Senior officers were afraid their cover would be blown off. It’s still a mystery why the newspaper editors never took the story further after revealing how the figures of the dead given by the police had failed to tally with those recorded at the City Mortuary. All cases of police shootings or unnatural deaths in Nairobi and the outlaying districts are recorded at the City Mortuary. So, the police would not have taken the bodies to other mortuaries. Where did the missing bodies go?

Investigations by Kumekucha reveal that police only took a few bodies to the City Mortuary. The rest were loaded onto police lorries and dumped in the vast grassland along Mombasa road. Police officers interviewed said their bosses ordered the bodies to be disposed off in such a crude manner to avoid the wrath of international human rights watchdogs. They also feared the discovery of bodies of women and children would give the force a very bad image. Most residents of Mathare told Kumekucha they had not traced the bodies of their loved ones but feared going public on the issue to avoid meeting the same fate.

A similar trick by the police to dispose off bodies of five men in a grassland in Athi River three weeks ago backfired when it emerged that the victims had been removed from police custody, shot dead in an unknown place and then their bodies were dumped in the tall grass. It puzzled everyone when the police issued a statement soon after the bodies were discovered and alleged they had been killed by members of their gang even before they could carry out any investigations! How did they come across the information that they were so hurriedly feeding Kenyans? Were they witness to the murders? The truth finally came out when relatives of the dead men stepped forward and disclosed that the victims were dragged from police custody and then killed. Last week, the Daily Nation carried a story on how the executions were done but hid it in the inside pages. No journalists from the mainstream media has ever bothered to re-visit Mathare and tell the world the truth. It’s only Kumekucha who has dared to do it at great personal risk.

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