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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another Tremor And SMS Messages Cause Panic In Nairobi

The Nairobi earth tremors recorded their first damage to the Kenyan economy today when the entire city of Nairobi virtually came to a stand still this morning with hundreds of thousands of man hours lost because Nairobians were too scared to go up to their offices in high rise buildings to work.

It all happened shortly after yet another tremor ocurred in the early hours of this morning followed by a flurry of SMS messages which caused such panic in the Nairobi Central Business District today that it was impossible for any work to be done.

Nairobians milled in the streets unaware of the fact that there was more danger on the streets in the event of a major quake from falling debris and glass.

The government moved quickly to allay fears by emphasizing that it was impossible for anybody to predict if and when there would be a major quake following the dozen or so tremors that have been felt over the last 3 days or so. Still the Local government Minister Musikari Kombo ordered the City Council to inspect all buildings in the city center to establish how safe they would in the event of an earthquake.

Experts from the Nairobi University brought in by the government warned that buildings were extremely vulnerable to an earthquake because regulations requiring geological reports have been ignored for years and "some buildings are actually built on fault lines."

Still the government accused unnamed people for spreading rumors of an impending earthquake and emphasized that the only credible source of information about any impending natural disaster was the government.

What was lost on everybody was the fact that the high alert will save many lives if the said earthquake actually happens.

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