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Monday, July 30, 2007

Police Commissioner Who Died So Strangely And Why Raila Can Do A Lot About Solving Ouko Murder

Yesterday was exactly 10 years since the death of a key witness in the Robert Ouko murder enquiry, and former police commissioner, one Philip Mule Kilonzo.

The strange circumstances behind the death of this police commissioner whose appointment was influenced by former powerful but illiterate Machakos Kanu branch chairman, the late Mulu Mutisya, happened in 1997 and still sends chills down the spines of many.

Kilonzo had already left the force and was having a beer in one of his many business premises in Yatta when he was told that there was somebody outside who wanted to sell him a cow for slaughter at his butchery. Eye witnesses say that Kilonzo left his beer and went out to have a look at the cow (that cost him his life).

When he got back he took one sip of his beer and complained that it tasted strange. The next thing people knew was that he had collapsed in pain. He died a few hours later from what was obviously poisoning. And it is clear that whatever it was, was an extremely strong poison because poisoning somebody with beer is not easy.

So yet another potential witness of the Ouko murder went to the grave with his secrets. It is interesting to note that Kilonzo was one of the aggressive peddlers of the suicide theory, but who knows, had he lived, he may have just changed his story. Obviously somebody decided that he knew too much and decided to take care of it. Interestingly one of his sons Charles Kilonzo is a member of the 9th parliament and represents Yatta.

Retired Scotland sleuth has already gone on record as saying that the late Ouko was killed by executive order from former President Moi. If there was any doubt over just how powerful Ouko's killers must have been, they evaporated when the Gor Sunguh parliamentary select committee to probe the former foreign affairs minister was dogged by enormous pressure including death threats delivered to their mobile phones. So powerful are Ouko's killers that they prevailed and today this murder mystery remains a puzzle.

One man who can help a great deal in solving this mystery is ODM presidential candidate Raila Amollo Odinga. Mr Odinga is a master of using pressure tactics to get things done. Remember when the government refused to register ODM-Kenya? On behalf of myself and all oher patriots who want to see an end to political assassinations in Kenya, I appeal to this front runner for the presidency to honor the words he uttered at the wedding of Ouko's daughter, Susan to David Musila's son. The promise was directed to Christobel Ouko. He promised that he would get to the bottom of the Ouko murder. This would be the perfect way to prove that the allegation that he made a deal with Moi over this murder are false.

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Anonymous said...

Minor correction... Kilonzo was brought a beer that was open and he characteristically threw a tantrum at his Ndallas bar staff, asking why they brought him an open White-Cap when they knew he always had his beers opened in his presence.

The rest of your story fits.


Nanga said...

Dear Chris,

Please not that Raila does not have the capacity to instigate an investigation into Ouko's murder. That is the work of the government. But how can they do that when they are going to bed with the same people who are suspected to have murdered Ouko.

One more thing; If you are waiting for such things to be resolved, then you'll wait till death. Almost every politician is implicated in one murder (scandal) or another. Hon. Raila is just an MP like any other, not even a cabinet minister. When he's voted in, then you can pressurize him to form a commission of inquiry (to investigate the other commission of inquiry, which was formed to investigate the other tribunal, which was constituted to investigate......)


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