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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kidnapped 3 Year Old Child's Severed Head And Hands Found On The Banks Of Nairobi River


As the police supposedly continue to win their war against crime, a child disappeared on Sunday in the Baba Dogo area of Nairobi and the mother has been looking everywhere for the 3 year old boy.

Her search ended yesterday on the banks of Nairobi River when a hawker in search of maize to sell stumbled upon the body parts of what remained of the boy. It is not clear who informed the mother and she arrived at the scene before the police arrived to remove the body, to confirm that the head was indeed that of her missing son. Naturally she could not be consoled.

These are the kind of incidences that rogue TV stations like KTN air, that is not part of the careful my-men-returned-fire script that is now polluting airwaves. Many other similar incidences are happening all over the country as hapless Kenyans are kept busy fighting amongst themselves on behalf of their so-called favored presidential candidates most of whom are known thieves of public funds and characters fond of seeking refuge in the national assembly toilets when matters of national importance are being put to the vote in the August house.

The incident raises just too many questions. Top on the list is why? Children are innocent, so what was this youngster being punished for? And even if the action was targeted at the mother, a slum dweller, what was the motive? People usually kidnap children of the rich so as to get some sort of ransom. The woman involved has nothing. So why kidnap and kill her baby?

The only theory that comes anywhere near being plausible is that this is part of the politically motivated violence spreading countrywide ahead of the elections. Heads are cut to send a message and put fear in people so that they are easily manipulated by threats.

I urge you to do something now. Kindly take 3 minutes today to send out a few emails (see details here).

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Are you a Kenyan? Do You love your country? Join in this noble campaign to change things. Do something instead of just complaining.

1 comment:

Phil said...

Chris this, like the others, is inhuman and barbaric. And it is all happening in the name of political power.

Two days ago I cautioned you against using words like 'throwing stones and waving hammers' in reference to a certain group of people. You cannot use these segregative words and expect to run a successful anti-violence campaign at the same time. In a respectable blog like this, words like those only help in promoting tribal divisions but it also sadly confirms to us you have also joined the bandwagon of others in Kenya who rank themselves higher human beings than others.

And as a respected political analyst Chris, I expect you to understand and appreciate the nature of our society before penning articles. Since independence, our political system has been the biggest promoter of tribalism and class society. It goes without saying that extremely deep resentment runs through parts of Kenya because of unfair distribution of wealth and political power..

While I cannot blame this heinous crime on anyone inparticular, the press have learnt from Kariobangi residents that it is being attributed to a Mungiki revenge attack. It is an open secret that the proscribed group still maintains political backing and are now recruiting unsuspecting school going children and jobless teenagers. In other words Chris, the stakes are very high in the forth coming general elections.

As regretable as it is, I only hope that this needless murder will not result in retaliatory attacks or end up clouding our continuing fight for a free, equal and prosperous country.


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