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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why NSIS And The Kibaki Administration Are Terrified Of A Githongo Candidature

The intelligence community in Kenya, as well as numerous foreign ones are pretty busy at the moment as we hurtle ever closer to the general elections.

One interesting aspect has emerged. It is rather clear that the NSIS are very wary of a John Githongo candidature in the coming general elections. There is mounting evidence that links several attempts to discredit Githongo to them. Starting with a curious newspaper article that was somehow sneaked in and ended up appearing in the Daily Nation labeling Githongo a foreign spy.

The latest is a site that has clearly been designed to discredit the character of presidential candididate Mr Githongo. Here is the link;

The site talks about Githongo's alleged sexual preferences amongst other things clearly designed to discredit the man who is currently the most credible presidential candidate that we can field. Those who know the former PS of ethics well, including this blogger are naturally disgusted at this shameless mud racking campaign. But now we can also suspect where those anti-Githongo comments that sometimes appear in this blog are coming from.

Just think about it. President Kibaki's think tank are not worried about a Raila candidature (they in fact appear pretty comfortable with it and would even seem to support it.) It is also instructive that the candidate who seems to support Kalonzo at the moment and will probably leave ODM with him is Musalia Mudavadi. I have published privileged information here to the effect that the president's strategist were really scared of a Mudavadi candidature in a united ODM. Now it is very clear that a united ODM with all the current players still intact is highly unlikely.

Which leaves possible presidential candidate John Githongo as the only threat.

It is really not surprising when you think about it. Githongo is the only presidential candidate who has a clear image with the electorate over what he stands for. He made his statement when he fled the country and exposed shocking details of the Anglo Leasing scandal to the world. Here is a candidate whose support transcends and criss-crosses across tribal boundaries and tribal emotions. Actually he is the only national candidate currently.

Again look out for those strange comments rubbishing this post without giving concrete convincing arguments. When you see them, it will be clear where they will be coming from.

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1 comment:

Maina said...

Kumekucha, I'm disgusted by what some Kenyans do to discredit such the brave and sacrificial lamb John Githongo. I read the post in that link

and have left a harsh comment for whichever idiot owns that blog. Githongo remains one of the greatest Kenyans who ever lived who sacrificed everything he was for the sake of his country Kenya. He remains a HERO in our books. Long live John Githongo!


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