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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ODM's Illegal Line Up: All Animals Are Equal But Some Are More Equal Than Others

George Orwell was a journalist and a struggling unknown author until he wrote a little harmless-looking book titled Animal Farm. The book just sold and kept on selling and today almost 60 years later, the damn little book is still selling like crazy. He went on to write the big brother book, 1984, which he is also well known for, but it has never beaten Animal Farm in sales.

So, what is so special about Animal Farm? It is the fact that it struck a chord with many about what goes wrong with so many revolutions, which start with good intentions until human nature kicks in. Animal Farm, many believed talked about communist Russia.

This is an excellent time for Kenyans to read and re-read this small book, because they will recognize a lot of what is going wrong in the motherland in that book.

In Raila Odinga's efforts to clinch the ODM presidential nomination, he is said to have had a breakfast meeting at William "YK92" Ruto's house. The timing of course was perfect, because Ruto seems to be feeling the heat of Baba Gidi's political chess games in the Rift Valley. Interestingly quite a number of armchair analysts who called themselves experts on the Rift Valley here have told us that Baba Gidi is of no consequence in Rift Valley and no longer has any influence. Ngoja Mutaona!!. I have been saying it for months here to ridicule from some of you and now even the mainstream media have finally picked it up. Sjhock of all shocks, even Mutahi Ngunyi is warning Kenyans about it. Very laughable this move by a well known Kibaki think tank operative.

Ruto is the guy who has been pushing Raila hardest to accept the non-existent Prime Minister's seat and leave the Presidency to somebody he and others are insisting is "more electable (whatever that means). Now several sources on both sides have confirmed that the two have hammered out a deal where Raila will be President, Kalonzo Vice President and Ruto will take the yet-to-be created position of Prime Minister and Musalia "Goldenberg" Mudavadi would be deputy to Ruto.

The painful thing to Kenyans is that this deal was being done at a breakfast table in some overpaid MP's house in a posh neighborhood, most probably over a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit juice etc. products that are today a rumor in bad taste on the breakfast tables of most Kenyans who are fortunate enough to even afford to take this initial meal of the day in the first place.

In other words, the electorate has no say in it even as people with dubious pasts are put in potentially powerful positions. You tell me how President Raila Odinga is going to deal with corruption in high places when he has folks like Ruto, Mudavadi, Ntimama, Sally Kosgei, Henry "killed Kenya National Assurance" Kosgei, Kalonzo "hide in the toilet whenever any significant vote is being taken" Musyoka etc are in his line up as the main guys.

So just like in Animal Farm the people's party has reached that point where decisions are being made on behalf of the people by "animals who are more equal than others" and who therefore know what is good for the people, although all animals are still equal (very laughable that).

I hear you when you say this is sound political strategy by Mr Odinga, using the various tribal chiefs to clinch votes in various tribal blocks. But this is wrong. It is wrong because no concrete issues are being discussed raised or addressed now. What are the chances that they will be when all the corrupt tribal chiefs are in one neat coalition government? You tell me.

In fact Kenyans at the moment do not have any say in Kenyan politics. We emphatically voted against Moi and his project but now President Kibaki tells us it is okay for Moi to call political shots in the country, in fact I feel cheated because after President Kibaki's excellent speech on that memorable day December 30th 2002 about the past corrupt regime and it's evils, Emilio Stanley seems to have changed his mind now and the clearest sign of that is the fact that he is using the very same tactics Moi used to stay in power, for his survival. And so is Raila, because already his cabinet will have to be huge to accommodate all the tribal chiefs. So far the vice presidency and PM and deputy has taken up 3 persons already and even if they all double up handling various portfolios (which is unlikely), Kenyan tax payers will have to foot the bill of a prime minister and his deputy and all the trappings of power that go with those offices as well as that of a bloated and long presidential motorcade.

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