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Friday, March 16, 2007

Why Married Women Have Affairs

Is it really true that a woman needs to be reassured all the time of how beautiful she is and how indispensable she is in a man's life? Is it true that the biggest turn on for a woman is to feel that she is needed and that her man with all his power and strength is "weak" in her arms?

If this is indeed true then husbands are in big trouble because modern life with all it's pressures is such that the only person bound to give a woman that kind of attention is the jobless neighbor or as in the recent case in Mombasa—the husband's driver.
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It is said that women were created to be loved. What does a husband then expect when he mistreats and harasses his wife?

What is it with men anyway, expecting a woman to switch on and off her passion like a tap? The truth is that most men would really like their wives to be like the TV remote. You press this button and she orgasms noisily. You press another and she cooks you a meal fit for a king.

With this kind of knowledge it really isn't surprising that wives are increasingly being caught in all sorts of compromising situations. Don't get me wrong, I am not justifying extra-marital affairs. I am simply saying it as it is.

Men need to wake up. They also need to be much more sensitive to the needs of their wives.

These few remarks are designed to open a debate on this issue. The big question is this; are men the biggest contributor's to their wives extra-marital affairs? I look forward to your contribution.

Secretly Investigate Unfaithful cheating spouse in Kenya

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Anonymous said...

Society is unfair to men. When a woman cheats on her husband, its his fault: either he ignores her, can't perform, has affairs anyway etc. When a man cheats, it his fault: he is just greedy, a cheat liar, low self esteem, immature etc.

However, having said that, while the man will be blamed for making his woman stray, she will be called a whore, by who? By her closest friends, when? when her man is sleeping with them (her closest pals). I just love this country! (maybe it happens elsewhere, but i can only say what i see)

Anonymous said...

Society is not unfair to men. how can it be unfair when men make the rules that govern it? Married women who stray do so because their husbands have pushed them to it by ignoring them or mistreating them. women are nurturers by nature, so unfaithfullness is a byproduct of men's unfaithfullness. on the other hand, married men stray because society allows them to and turns a blind eye. afterall, men make the rules so the rules allow them to do it.

chris said...

A woman has a right to be happy but the greatest hindrance to this is the same woman's heart. Our sisters will always fall head over heels in love with the wrong guy. The guy who is bound to hurt them, bound to force them into an affair, which usually makes everything much worse.

I have seen this happen many times to women who were my good friends (I relate better to women than fellow men).


Taabu said...

sfnMen rule the rworld and must be prepeaed to enetertain all the murk. Women on te other hand afre the most misunderstood species of this planet.

Besides cognitive and psychomptor skils, affective skill remain the singulat most universla talent inherent in both the tout and professor. To abuse one's trust in the height of emitional betral and men are only hundsomely reapinh where they generously sowed.

Behind every successful man lurks a a woman who indiscriminately undressses him. during such times, even the macho man is at his vulrenable best. All stupid marital promkises are made during these intimate episodes.

Thrre is no free luch and men must appreciate their women past the comenstic trophy objects they treat them to be. Shakespeare couldn't be more apt in his honest warning that n hell hath no furry than a woman sconned. So guys better take an honest look into your emotioanal mirror own up to being possessed or live the machoism lie.

robert said...

is monogamy natural? is it practical to expect anyone, male or female, to be faithful to one person for an indeterminate period of time? i for one find celibacy much easier than monogamy... and that has nothing to do with who I'm with at the time..

Anonymous said...

I agree that women are nurturers by nature and they require more emotional support than men (you're free to disagree). And i also agree with the article stating the reasons why women have affairs, whether married or in a relationship.

Man need to learn to respect their women. They also need to learn to understand their needs. Time has moved on. There is nothing wrong with helping with the dishes, the house cleaning or even babysitting while i get my hair done or treat myself to a shopping-day. I have lived in UK for 4 years now, and that is the treat with the men here. They help out (not all, but most), simply because they recognise that it takes two to build a relationship. However, i do have to say that i am in a relationship with a Kenyan man, and i have to give him props because he meets me, when am working late or come home tired, he offers to cook. If i do the cooking, he does the dishes... and its the most fulfilling relationship as we both have time for each other after a long day's work.

Men need to think about this... imagine if you helped your wife out at home sometimes... maybe she may be able to reward you as she will not be so tired before bedtime... and that will probably keep you at home instead of out looking for the the next lay... or any lay for that matter...But women also need to respect themselves and other women, and stop chasing after married men and sleeping with your best friends partner!!

mswati said...

since the time of adam and eve,women have been the bigesst wonder adam turned to steve.all you need is some little CDF cash a posh ride and voila! you have gotten laid. ask that MP from Rongo who was nearly burnt to death by the headmistress husband from Dede girls high school.I cant blame Achilo.pole sana bro. after seeing those MADIABAS he forgot to attend parliament.Quadruple J. Jaluo,Jinga, Jeuri, Jambazi.KUBAFF SHINDWE! By MSWATI said...

Adultery (which by the way is the correct word) is as old as any other sin, so the root is not in changes happening in society, blah blah, as our social know-all would have you believe. The root is in the human heart. We are all fallen beings.

And for those sisters who feel unloved/uncared for and hence justified to proclaim: "i deserve to be happy, even if it means having an affair", it may be well to learn from the American folks who have walked this path before and where divorce and its consequences takes a heavy toll and no one comes out a winner (especially the women ).

At least in America, the law somehow works and the main would be sufferers of this unfortunate event (the women) are protected by law, in terms of assistance in child support, alimony, emotional counseling, etc

Anonymous said...

dudes, dudes, this is how it is....
I was in the service, women are just as bad as men, you have your sleezy's and also have the good ones. Its a hit or miss kind of thing, and America has no culture really, which is not a bad thing, but its hard to have values coming from there. And another thing, i started dating women from other countries and i have had better relationships, i will never date an american girl ever again.

Anonymous said...

adultery is adultery dont make excuses for women. women are snakes with tits when it comes to affairs i know. my wife of 20 years has finally admitted to an affair at work. we were on holiday together having what i thiught was a great time and all the time she was ringing this guy up back home. of course she doest want our children to know that she has been unfaithful or her family.they want it all ways women and she wants me to stay with her 'for the kids sake'but has made no guarantees to end it!

Anonymous said...

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Isabel said...

In today's society it's a free for and women cheat just about the same, although men are still in the lead..I just checked out a bilingual Eng/Spanish website, which caters to married men and women looking for discreet and casual encounters, in other words have an extramarital affair. I guess we really don't care about vows or promises...we have become an "if it doesn't work out, I will get a divorce" work..we are disposable and recyclable..I don't know why people even bother to get married the way, I read an article that men have a gene, alero334, that if they have this gene they are more prone to have affairs..a penny for your thoughts!!!

Anonymous said...

Men and Women are equal. Some cheat, and some don't.

I cheated over my ex-bf for few times. I wasn't happy with it, but filled my few minutes craved,lol. Excitement is over once you have sex with the person then find another one who can boil your blood for another few minutes "New is always exciting," but it doesn't last like diamond and can't make me any better, but just being an azz. I realize, I need someone who can make me excited at all times without new man. Someone I love with lust and desire! Finally, I met him and he made me faithful woman, and after few years later,I got married. I don't have problem doing things for him and I do like doing things for someone I love. We work vice versa.

viagra said...

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... No one forces anyone to do anything. Everyone male or female makes a choice. You either talk about what you are or are not getting out of the relationship and work it out... or get out if things aren't working or you act on spite and take what you want. A man/woman "forcing" his/her wife/husband into someone elses bed would be rape. No one jammed a penis in you against your will anymore than a vagina around your husbands. You chose to act so deal with it. "He/she made me do it" is a cop out. You were to scared to end your marraige because you're a coward... own it and move on. Congratulations, you're selfish... but you already knew that didn't you.

Ben said...

A reason why women have affairs. the balance in nature is off... men are supposed to try to reproduce as much as the can and women are supposed to choose the smartest strongest mate... the point is that man had to find there mates... nowadays women have birth control which allows them to choose when to reproduce. now women have as many mates as possible because she doesn't have to keep them. women don't need a man too support themselves these days... women can support the kids and themselves without the need of a man.... women can almost completely play the father and mother figure in a family. basically they have less of a need to make a relationship work. THE NEW TREND: devorce the man and "get half". Then choose a real man and try to raise the family. that why i think men should make a new MAN-LAW. IF SHE HAS A CHILD OR A RING, LEAVE IT ALONE! ! That will do 2 things. make men want children again because the will have to work harder to reproduce. AND if women know that it will be hard to find another man the will be more choosier about there FIRST mate.


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