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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Predictions 2007 Elections: Kibaki/Kanu Faction Coalition Wins Landslide Election Victory

Predictions 2007 Elections: Kibaki/Kanu Faction Coalition Wins Landslide Election Victory

So you think you have heard of all the possible bad news about Kenya that you can take in? Think again... There is much more to come...

Look out for these horrifying headlines shortly after the coming general elections;

Kibaki/Kanu Faction Coalition Wins Landslide Election Victory
76 year old President hailed as the great come-back kid by clique of supporters

Artur brothers, Ketan Somia and Kamlesh Patnni in attendance at swearing in ceremony at Uhuru Park as reporters fail to address issue of how the heavily funded campaign was financed

Kiraitu Murungi Back In The Cabinet With A Bang!

Appointed Minister In new Ethics and Anti-corruption Ministry


Kibaki Seeks Help From Moi
In unpredented move, former President Moi is nominated MP and appointed Minister of State for Special (Crisis Prevention) projects in the Office of the President. Mzee Barengtuny called out of retirement to be new Secretary to the cabinet. Njenga Karume is new Foreign affairs minister. Minister of Finance is John "Standard Raid" Michuki. President opts for fellow wazees that he can trust for key ministries
Analysts worry about new cabinet's ability to stay awake during meetings, let alone understand what the hell is going on in Kenya. 'Are there no young men in Kenya?' international community wonders.

Chris Murungaru To Head A Commission To Investigate Circumstances Under Which Government Secrets Leaked To The Press With The Aim Of Preventing Similar Future Disasters.
Vows To Table Bill To Strengthen Official Secrets Act.

Kenyan voters ditch spirited attempt by new generation of politicians born after independence and opt for experience instead
"Our problems are too serious to give to some inexperienced dot com youths," voters swallow the old mens' political propaganda hook line and sinker

If the current trend continues then expect even more horrifying headlines. All I can say is, "Will the last person leaving Kenya please remember to switch off the lights."

BUT you can do something to STOP IT before it is too late...

Facts About The Coming General Elections;

- The above headlines may look far-fetched, but under the current Kenyan constitution that gives seating Presidents powers that are close to those of the Almighty, they are actually mild. Things can be a lot worse.

- The same politicians who have brought the nation of Kenya to its knees have already launched their political campaigns for 2007 (many of them under the ODM (banner). If Kenyans do not wake up to what is happening, history will repeat itself and we will end up with the same individuals in parliament after 2007.

- Many of these politicians are already drumming up tribal support and dividing Kenyans along tribal lines, in readiness for the general elections. If nothing happens soon, they will be successful yet again and Kenyans will continue to sink deeper and deeper into the current leadership crisis as a certain clique of politicians (who believe that it is their turn to "eat) get richer and enjoy all the perks of being an MP. Even more perks and a further tax-free salary hike for MPs are sure to follow immediately after the general elections and you can be sure that it will be passed unanimously.

- Remember that a politician does not change simply because they have defected to the opposition or to another political party. Or when they decide to stand for President and even hurriedly set up a foundation for the welfare of Kenyans. No former Kanu politician can transform himself or herself into a liberator overnight. You cannot rub off the spots off a Cheetah and even if you do a major paint job, the Cheetah remains a Cheetah.

What needs to be done;
- There is only one known way to deal with this "cancer" (the current leadership crisis in Kenya) and that is -- Radical Surgery!!

- This 'radical surgery' often means that parts of some good functioning organs in the body also need to be cut out to ensure that the cancer is ruthlessly halted before it ruthlessly eats away the entire body. This means that while there are some good guys in the current parliament, the only way forward is for Kenyans to vote out the entire lot. Yes, let's have a completely new set of faces in Parliament. Let us look to vote in a completely new generation of youthful politicians (for better or for worse) and as many women as possible (so far they have a much better track record in public office than men).

- We appeal to all Kenyans under the age of 45 to rise to the occasion and ensure that the coming elections belong to the under 45s and individuals who have never been voted into parliament before. Remember that many Kenyans who fall into this age bracket are the individuals successfully running corruption-free corporations and multi-nationals in Kenya and all over the world.

- We appeal to every Kenyan aged around 45 years (give or take two years) to ensure that their constituency has as many young people standing for public office as possible. Don't worry about funding or winning, the priority right now is to sensitize Kenyan voters. Remember that the money that funds the vast majority of political campaigns in Kenya is corruption money anyway. Once we are all reading from the same script you will be amazed at the possibilities.

- Even if you don't care much about politics, you owe it to your children and grand children (what will you tell them that you did about the problem before it got worse?). Your children cannot live in foreign countries forever and there are hardly enough green cards to go round anyway.

This post has been sponsored by the Kumekucha Blog (
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You can be of great service to your beloved country by playing your part in preventing disaster in the next elections and giving Kenya a fighting chance. Email and forward this message (just highlight it, cut it and paste it in your email "send" box) to every Kenyan you know. After sending out all the emails you are able to, you can go the extra mile for your country and print out this message and mail it (using snail mail) to as many Kenyans as your budget will allow.


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