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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just Ask Any Fashion Geek…

Just ask anybody with the faintest idea about fashion and they will tell you that accessories are the most vital finishing pieces to any well-heeled look. Fashion accessories are vital for you to be able to present a polished picture to the world.

This fact and the fact that the image conscious not only want to fit in among their peers with high-end accessories, but also are keen to "give back" to society are the corner stones upon which Belisi Fashions was founded. was founded by a former Palm Beach bar tender to enhance luxury wardrobes, while making the world a little brighter for everyone. Today the name Belisi is synonymous with beauty and has earned an increasingly large loyal following for its high-end, quality ties, and most recently scarves and handbags.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

African Kenya Lion Country Safari: Where To Watch The Big Cats Hunting

For centuries, no other wild animal has fascinated man like the lion has and this is why it is hardly surprising that those who go on an African safari in places like Kenya, will always be very eager to seek out lion country first.

The legendary king of the jungle will rarely disappoint those who take the trouble to travel all the way to Africa on a safari mainly to see it. Some tourists have even been lucky enough to see lions hunting while on their African safari. There are few spectacles in this life that are more fascinating than this.

Contrary to what many people believe, the lion is not a fast animal, at least not in comparison to its' favorite meal, which would be a Gazelle or Zebra. A zebra being a larger animal would usually call for lions to hunt in groups.

Because of its' lack of speed, especially over a long chase, lions rely on stealth to get as close to their prey as possible without detection. They will then dash out the last few metres using their weight and power to move as swiftly as possible over the short distance. Not unlike a 100 metres athelete whose power serves them well over the short distance. The key here is always speed off the mark rather than speed over a long distance.

Another hunting method for lions that you may be lucky enough to see on an African safari in lion country is when they hunt together in groups. The lions simply surround their prey then one group charges out and causes the herd to run off in a certain direction, straight into a trap where a another group of lions will be waiting to make their kill.

Expert safari guides in Africa can help you greatly increase your chances of watching this awesome spectacle of lions hunting. Game reserves like the famous Masai Mara in Kenya, a country in East Africa is an excellent place to go on a lion safari.

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African Safari Country Gory Scene As Lions Fail To Find Usual Prey

What do you think happens when there is a big drought in African safari country and lions can't find their traditional prey? You probably don't have the stomach for the answer. Nor for the spectacle that results.

A BBC crew was in African safari country recently and managed to film a rather gory scene that required lots of editing before it could pass, barely, for family viewing. Folks back from a safari where they saw lions in parts of Africa hunting elephants had sounded off the film crew. Elephants are huge animals and it is difficult to imagine even powerful lions hunting them.

It emerges that in the biting drought in parts of Africa, lions have been left with little option but to hunt the much larger prey in groups of 15 lions or more. They carefully isolate a single elephant usually a weaker or younger one. They then pounce on it. Now, typically a lion kills it's prey first by breaking its' neck with a powerful swipe of its' paw or by using it's powerful jaws to crush the spinal chord. However this is hardly viable with an elephant. The consequence is that the lions eat most of the elephant when it is still alive. In fact some of the eating is done when the elephant is still on its' feet. One piece of editing that the BBC crew had to do was turn down the screams of pain from the elephant as it was eaten alive by over 15 hungry lions.

Fortunately this practice is not too widespread, as few would have the stomach for such a spectacle, even on Television. In most of lion safari country in Africa these kings of the jungle still hunt much smaller prey, which would be much more exciting and less upsetting to watch.

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