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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sneak preview of Kumekucha's raw notes (latest)

* Why a large chunk of the evidence PNU have against Ruto cannot be used. Impeccable sources deep inside PNU make shocking revelations to Kumekucha that he cannot dare print in the public domain.

A legal expert confirms the legal position concerning this type of evidence to Kumekucha.

* Charity Ngilu is the best health minister Kenya ever produced and many Kenyans would not be interested in her love life...

Like the steamy affair she had with somebody who is very close to president Kibaki at the moment.

* Plus numerous other heart-stopping stories every week.

How To Get Kumekucha's raw notes every week

I have increasingly found that a lot of the raw information I have I am NOT able to use in the public domain and especially here in Kumekucha for various reasons. I have therefore decided to launch a private facility called Kumekucha’s raw notes where I openly share the very latest hot information I have in my notes weekly, and especially what I am NOT able to use directly in Kumekucha. I will charge a mere $15 (or Kshs 990) for one full years' subscription to this information. If you are interested in subscribing to this hot info drop me an email NOW at umissedthis at yahoo dot com and I will give you further details of what you need to do.

By subscribing to Kumekucha’s raw notes, you will also be helping to finance the continued existence and enhanced quality of Kumekucha.

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