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Monday, September 10, 2007

Did Kenyan BusinessWoman Rob Banks In Tanzania As A Side "Business"?

It is a fact that many successful businessmen in Kenya especially those of Asian origin have prospered in Kenya by running illegal businesses right alongside their legitimate businesses.

Many ran illegal foreign exchange businesses in the days when there was foreign exchange control in the country. Others have been linked to carjacking and car theft which they finance and thrive on alongside their factories in Nairobi's Industrial area.

Now it would appear that local businessmen are catching up in this game. One prominent Nairobi businessman is said to purchase stolen computers from thugs which he quickly cannibalizes for parts.

Now the Tanzania police are saying that a prominent Nairobi businesswoman gunned down in Moshi, Tanzania, who owned a city driving school had a side business of robbing banks in Tanzania. The truth is that business is hard in Nairobi and if you check out many prominent businesses, survival would be impossible without a side business (legal or illegal).

Already reports indicate that six of the 11 Kenyans gunned down were on the Kenya Police, most wanted list. So if the good lady was innocent, what was she doing with these bank robbers?

Moshi and Arusha are actually the most crime-prone Tanzanian towns and Tanzanians have always believed that it is because of its' proximity to Kenya. Arusha is 4 hours from Nairobi and Moshi is one hour from Arusha. The population of Kenyans in this two Tanzanian towns is actually very high.

As we have said here many times before, Tanzanans have always been highly suspicious of Kenyans and have been stalling on every attempt made at opening up the East African borders for free movement of labor and property believeing that such a move would turn most of Tanzania into another Nairobbery. Now they have plenty of "ammunition" to support their fears, with this latest high profile botched bank robbery.

As you read this Tanzanian business is benefiting tremendously from being able to export products into Kenya without incurring duty while anything that enters Tanzania from Kenya attracts 5 % duty.

I will repeat what I have said here often. Either Kenya should pull out of the proposed common East African market which does not benefit us currently, or Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi should "do common market business" and leave Tanzania out of the equation, at least for the time being. What is currently happening is that a lot of taxpayers' money is being wasted in Arusha where we are gaining very little or nothing.

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coldtusker said...


Unless I misinterpreted the thrust of your blog entry...

Why are you defending crooks just because they are Kenyan?

It makes you no different from a Kenyan tribalist who defends his/her own even in the face of massive evidence e.g. the kalenjins supporting moi & biwott or the kikuyus supporting kibaki.

coldtusker said...


OK... you are cracking me up!

The "forex" businesses were "illegal" in law but STUPID laws that did more harm than good.

You discuss the forex shortage that benefited those in power:
- ndegwas bought ICEA & a bank using forex available to them. Thus they got a discount compared to the real "market" rate.
- kassam being forced to consort with biwott because forex was rationed for the high & mighty
- biwott buying Kobil & Kenol using forex not available to others (& being energy minister).

chris said...


I have read my post again and you are right, that is the thrust that seems to come across.

BUT I DID NOT mean it like that. I guess I should have done a seperate post to speak about the failed EAC.

I would NEVER defend thugs, even if they were my own brother. The Tanzanians are justified to worry abiout Kenyans.


Anonymous said...

Your Blog is very fascinating, a good read if you are into speculative fiction. I have noticed that your blog is very lopsided. There only seems to be one community that is not scrutinized. However,it is your perogative and I do encourage you to continue speaking your mind. Consider this, there are always to sides to a story.

Anonymous said...

Chris and readers at large,

Firstly, the Tanzanians have done a good job offloading for us these thieve's (for those who were guilty). I am personally very happy. The final solution for this cronic thuggery in Kenya is elimination 'SHOOT TO KILL'. In fact, we should encourage them.

Secondly, Tanzanians as well as the rest of the EA citizens have every right ( coz if i was one of them i would be) of being weary of us. We have been treating somalis like alkaida coz of a few of them, likewise should happen to us for the wrong deeds of a few.

Thirdly, EA federation can never and will NOT work coz of mutual suspicion of member states. I frequently travel to all these member states and it is clear from the ground that this is only a dream of the ruling class. Kenya itself has a lot to loose eg A strong shilling and economy e.t.c. Ever wondered why Britain has never joined EU? Think about it

bloggeratti said...

Just a thought.

I wonder how Tanzanians would feel if we labeled all Tanzanians in Kenya as Witchdoctors and Prostitutes (coz that's what they're associated with in most cases here [Nairobi]).

Fine, the thugs were downed, but that doesn't mean Kenyans are all thugs.
In any case, our Tz bro's are kidogo slow at catching up with our pace.

Have you heard the joke about the Tanzanian soccer team on a flight from Dar to Nairobi? They soccer players stormed into the cockpit asking the pilot, "Why did you bring us to London when we were headed for Nairobi?" (Apparently, they didnt expect that many lights in Nairobi.)


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