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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moi Heckled In Aldai: Hired Mob Or A Sign Of Things To Come?

Poor Moi is hardly experiencing the quiet retirement he may have hoped for. He is now seeing things that he has never experienced before in his long political career.

Moi turned up at a fundraising function in Aldai constitution only to be greeted by chants of “ODM” “ODM” (ile shetani sitaki itajwe mbele yangu).

Tempers really flared and the crowd got worked up when area MP Jimmy Choge appealed to the people not to vote for Raila Odinga in the presidential race.

When Moi stood up to address the people and asked them to raise the one finger Kanu salute, only a handful did so while most of the crowd stubbornly kept their hands down. Still MOi warned the crowd that they would deeply regret supporting ODM blindly.

Former nominated MP Ezekial Barengtuny criticized the crowd and said that they had been hired to embarrass the former president.

Moi pleaded with the people to vote for Kibaki so that the Kalenjin community will be included in the next government.

Kumekucha has long predicted here the feelings of the people of Kenya on the ground about the current government only to be abused and ridiculed by some readers, but still I am rather surprise and taken aback by the open animosity against President Kibaki and his re-election bid in many parts of the country from usually quiet and polite Kenyans who often wait for the polls to express their feelings in their voting.

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