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Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Forgotten Moi Son Who Deals In Drugs

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The press hardly mention President Moi's other son, Philip Moi. Yet some of his deals would make Gideon look like an angel in comparison.

According to the Kroll report, Philip's estimated wealth stands at about $770 million and he is said to control more hidden cash than even Gideon. Philip uses low key Asians and even houseboys as proxies for all his business deals and interests.

Philip rarely travels and chooses to use his wife Zara instead, who is an Italian and relatively unknown in Kenya, even amongst the press. So she is able to slip in and out of the country without attracting any attention. She is also his link to many Italian underworld businesses that Philip works with.

According to the Kroll report, Philip Moi has dealt in Hashish, Madrax tablets and bhang grown around the Mount Kenya area with the Akasha family. But it doesn’t stop there. He has also dealt with hard drugs like Cocaine, providing cover for Italian families based in Malindi on the Kenyan Coast. It is said that with his help, the drug caretl in Malindi was able to offload 20-feet containers, packed with drugs.

The Kroll report names Muzahim as Philip's business partner. Muzahim has mainly been a car dealer, drug baron and money counterfeiter. Basically Philip provided the cover and Muzahim managed the operations. They jointly made counterfeit dollars for Somalia, Zaire, Sudan and Liberia.

When Muzahim and Philip fell out, Philip paid an assassin to kill him mainly because he knew too much and had armed himself with extensive documentary proof to protect himself. Amazingly the would-be assassin approached Muzahim and confessed to him what had happened. He was promptly paid off to abandon the mission.

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