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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Information: Mboya Killer Left Plenty Of Clues About Identity Of Men Who Ordered Hit

Mboya Assassination Special

Shocking new revelation: There were 2 other gunmen (just to be sure) at the crime scene and they had trailed Mboya the whole morning

Information that I have just received indicates that the man who was convicted for the murder of Tom Mboya in 1969, Nahashon Njenga, left plenty of clues to tell Kenyans the identity of the people who ordered the hit that shocked the world.

Kumekucha researchers digging deep into information on the trial and also from other sources have come up with plenty of clues that Nahashon Njenga seems to have deliberately left behind to enable Kenyans to piece together parts of this jigsaw puzzle that has never been solved to date. And mostly to answer the question of the identity of the “big man” he referred to whom he said should be asked about the hit.

An interesting aside here is that emerging information also seems to suggest that more than anything else, Mboya was gotten rid of to remove obstacles to the rampant corruption that had already started to take root at the time that made many members of the kitchen cabinet super rich. This is the corruption that set the stage for the Moi era and the massive looting documented in the Kroll report.

But back to Njenga, on being cross examined about his whereabouts on the day of the murder, Mboya’s killer told the hushed court that he had been to President Kenyatta’s Gatundu home on the day of the assassination.

A retired prison warden and the man alleged to have escorted Njenga to the gallows told an investigative reporter in July 1998 even more fascinating details about clues that Njenga left behind. The man, Kirungumi wa Njuki told a journalist that Njenga had confessed to him days before he was hanged that he is indeed the one who pulled the trigger on the gun that Killed Mboya.

Njenga also told the warden that he and other people whom he did not identify trailed Mboya the whole morning of the fateful day. Mboya was shot at around Lunchtime.

He further told the warden that he would have shot Mboya at the Pan-Afric Hotel where the then Minister for Economic Planning had his breakfast that morning. However he feared that the place was too crowded for an easy get-away.

Amazingly Njenga further confessed to other sources that there were TWO other gunmen with him at Chaani’s Chemist on that fateful July 5th 1969 lunch time. Their instructions were clear. To execute Mboya in the event that Njenga’s bullets missed or incase he developed cold feet. Just goes to show you how determined Mboya’s killers were to ensure that this precious son of Kenya was gotten rid of at all costs.

But even more telling is the fact that while at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, awaiting his appointment with the gallows, Njenga made futile attempts to get in touch with three members of the Kenyatta kitchen cabinet. Namely, Mbiyu Koinange, Njoroge Mungai and Charles Njonjo. Njenga emphasized that he urgently needed “to talk” to the trio.

(To Be Continued Tomorrow).

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