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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Open Letter To Raila Odinga From Marianne Briner

September 22, 2007-09-22

Dear Mr. Odinga,

now that you have officially entered the ‚race’ to become the next President of Kenya and knowing that many people are putting all their hopes into you for leading them into a better future, I wish to remind you of some promises you once made and which you should finally try to fulfill – with or without winning the Elections……..
You remember that we spoke several times on the phone on June 27 and 28, 2000, when you accompanied President Daniel arap Moi to Switzerland. You stayed with the Kenyan Delegation at the Golf-Hotel, Crans-Montana (and just to revive your memory, you stayed at Room 326).

I do not want to go into all the details for our contacts at that time since they are included in detail in my London Declaration, because they are also not the reason for this Open Letter to you.

I just want to remind you of your promise to me to put all your political influence behind certain people for not only bringing the (known) killers of Dr. Ouko behind bars, but also to go to the bottom of all the corruption cases and cheating of the Kenyan People and to make sure that something like that can never happen again in the future.

I know that at that time (June 2000) you still hoped to be Moi’s chosen candidate for the 2002 Presidential Elections and your hopes were high to become the next President.

That’s why you made the remark that I would therefore be able to meet the ‘present and future President of Kenya’ should I agree as proposed by you and Mr. Kulei to come to Crans-Montana.

Things turned out different as we all know – but some things should stay the same, i.e. your promises regarding Dr. Ouko and others who have lost their lives and mainly regarding not only erasing the corruption in the future but also to go to the bottom of all corruption cases in the past – and the promise given to me at that time should now also include the new ones of the current Regime – and not only with regard to Anglo-Leasing. I am sure, there are many more you and others know about ………
Only if you and your friends are willing to ‘clean’ the house and make everybody (and I mean really everybody, including the former and the present President, Ministers etc.) legally responsible, Kenya will have a chance to go into a brighter and better future.

I know, it will need strength and courage – a courage also for you personally since I and many other people will expect you and your family to come out with all the details how and under which conditions you ‘acquired’ the Molasses Plant. And just in case, you have forgotten, I repeat here something Mr. Kulei told me in your presence (you passed the phone to him to say ‘hello’ since he entered your room while we were talking).

Mr. Kulei said that you and Mr. Moi are now even partners in the Molasses Plant although he is acting as his ‘proxy’ ……….. and that the President had ‘cleaned’ the debts with the Swiss Banks for you.

So – please – do not say like many others have done before you …. ‘no, it was not me – it was somebody else …… I am clean, only the others have dirty hands ………..’
Don’t make this mistake – it will haunt you forever – because you will destroy all your chances right from the beginning.

And please do not forget, leading a country means also to take over the responsibility for its people – people who have trusted you in voting for you – people who have put their hopes and even their lives into your hands believing that you will guide them and their children into a better future ………

Only if you are willing to take over this responsibility and are willing to at least try your utmost to fulfill their expectations, you should continue with your struggle ………

And I am sure, if and when you can convince the people of Kenya that your intentions are honest, you will also succeed ………
If not, you will be another ‘failure’, another ‘error’ – for which not only the present but also the future generations will have to pay.
You are a father and maybe soon a grandfather – so do it also for your children and grandchildren ……….. prove to everybody that you are the best candidate and most important, the best President Kenya ever had …………………. and an example for everybody following you.

This is my honest wish – and may God bless you – and Kenya.

Sincerely yours,
Marianne Briner

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