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Friday, September 07, 2007

Kroll Report Names Those Who Funded 1992 Ethnic Clashes

Also named as close associates of Biwott and former president Daniel arap Moi are Mohamed Bawazir and Rashid Sajjad. These are well known personalities from Mombasa and diehard Kanu supporters.

But the Kroll report reveals even more about these personalities. Bawazir is identified as a long time businessman who has for many years has been one of the largest importers of commodities into Kenya. The Kroll report identifies him as one of the most important bagmen for the first multi-party elections of 1992. This is significant because the kind of money used in those elections sunk Kenya into unprecedented levels of overnight inflation which experts say that the country may well never recover from. It is also a documented fact that the government was involved in a lot of printing of cash which ruined the economy and ended up being a death sentence to many Kenyans who suddenly woke up to the fact that their life savings were a fraction of the value they had been just a few months before. Historians are bound to emphasize, when the history of Kenya over this period is written, that the people struggled long and hard and mostly unsuccessfully to recover from the unprecedented printing of money that took place in 1992.

The report adds that Bawazir and Sajjad funded the ethnic clashes of 1992, where thousands of Kenyans lost their lives and hundreds of thousands were displaced from their homes. Limited press freedom at the time hid the truth from the world but when the story will finally be told, it will make Darfur look like child's play in comparison.


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