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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Coming Crisis That Kenyans Refuse To See

Despite accusations by people with their own agenda here, I have never been a paid agent for anybody and what’s more I have always told the truth. Many readers have been able to sense that and that is one of the reasons they have been endeared to this blog in large numbers.

Artist's impression of Raila And President Kibaki in happier times soon after the 2002 elections.

Regular readers know that the only possible presidential candidate that I have been a die-hard supporter of is John Githongo. But alas, the poor hero of a man seems to be too scared for his life to come back and give us all a genuine choice—and quite rightly so, as you will discover when you are through reading this article.

I am about to spoil all your excitement for the forthcoming elections and ask you all to think beyond your narrow interests and put our beloved country first.

As matters stand on the ground, ODM and Raila Odinga are set to win a landslide victory in the upcoming elections. No need to breathe fire and call me names, I had absolutely nothing to do with the feelings most ordinary Kenyans have against the current government and the incumbent (although I have been trying to tell you about it since 2005 but few paid any attention).

And if you doubt me, just make a brief tour of the country and talk to the voters. In many areas of Rift Valley, Coast and even Western, a mere mention of your support for the incumbent can cause you serious bodily harm from wananchi who are dead set on ODM and Raila.

And all this is being revealed at a time when PANU can’t seem to get their act together. In fact the parties supporting the president’s re-election are so sharply divided that they look irreconcilable.

So maybe Kenyans who support Raila should be happy and start celebrating? No way! All is far from being well. Today on his arrival back from the United States, Raila Odinga has given a very bold and tough talking speech on how he plans to tackle corruption head on by constituting what we have always suggested here; a truth and reconciliation commission. Whatever you say about Raila, he is one brave cookie. I say this because any sensible Kenyan who is aware of the people who control this country that is rapidly hurtling towards being another Columbia know that what Raila has done is a very brave thing and there are those who would argue that it is NOT wise at this time.

Of course the son of Jaramogi must be buoyed by the strong support and popularity most keen observers know he enjoys. Incidentally across tribal lines and surprise, surprise, even amongst many voters of the younger generation in the heart of Central province.

And that is where the crisis is. Yesterday I asked a question in one of my posts. I wondered aloud how the campaign team on President Kibaki’s side would react in the face of the massive and rising popularity of ODM. Little did I know that even as I penned that question an answer was being played out in Kisii where ODMs William Ruto and colleague Magara were badly beaten up by armed youths as Simoen Nyachae and security personnel looked on with glee. Nyachae later told the gathering that Ruto and company deserved what they got because they provoked “our youths’.

Reports just in are that a very prominent Meru politician’s brother has been stabbed to death in a political incident there.

Na mambo bado.

It is clear that my prediction of more than a year ago that this would be the most violent election in history is just beginning to be played out. It is also quite apparent that this is going to be the mother of all general elections, simply because of what is at stake for the politicians. For starters President Kibaki cannot afford to lose and the evil team of Kibaki looters and Moi looters that has now been put together to ensure the president’s re-election do NOT fancy appearing in front of some truth and reconciliation commission to confess the evil they have done. Many of them would rather die than lose face in that way.

So I ask again, what do you think that they are capable of doing to stop at all costs a Raila and ODM victory? Again I ask, what are these evil people capable of?

To make maters worse certain people who regularly leave certain types of comments here have all of a sudden gone quiet (as I said sometime back) and you can be sure that this is not a good sign.

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Trai said...

If i were Raila, i would never issue such a statement (But then again, who am i? I cannot even contest a councilor's post). I think it is wisdom to know the kind of people you are dealing within and only say what is necessary at any one time. As one of his wise People once said "you do not show a bull the knife you would use to slaughter it".

Either he is extremely brave (and proud-a bad thing) or the Almighty Lord of Hosts has promised him protection, in which case he has nothing to fear. I personally fear for Him and one Kalonzo.

Anonymous said...

I fear for Raila too, it really doesn't look good for him if he wins.
There are strong powers out there who can shut him up for good, But if sth were to happen then we got ourselves a civil war.

Anonymous said...

I live in Rift Valley .I had decided to vote for Raila but his language scares therefore I am watching him closely before voting day.He preaches change but he should start with his speeches .... ego etc

Anonymous said...

Are you a recipient or benefactor of the kind of corruption Raila is talking about? If your answer is yes then you have cause to be concerned. If your not, you should sleep well at night.

I have never benefited from Moi’s or Kibaki’s Goldernburg or Anglo Leasing. I am a Kalenjin and I support Raila when he says ALL ill-gotten wealth must be returned. Of course Moi and Kibaki and their goons will threaten Kenya with civil war. We are 30+ million Kenyans. We now know how and what they stole. Let them carry their own cross and leave my tribe out of it.

Anonymous said...

Will Raila start by giving back the kisumu molassis plant and land?

Will Raila order his PM Ruto to return the millions ruto swindled from nssf?

Will Raila order his VP mudavadi to return goldenberg billions?

Will Raila order his buddy Ntimama to atone for the hundreds of kenyan lives lost due to his ethnic preachings in the 90s?

Anonymous said...

What is going on in Kenya now is jingoism pure and simple. Neither Agwambo, nor Obaki and definately not Kalonzo are your saviours.

Until you cowardly Kenyans have the courage to tangibly instill fear on your leadership you shall remain cooked geese.

Sample this. In the Philipines Mass riots bring Govt.s to halt within days.

In France MOTO unawaka for weeks in protest to minor policy mishaps.

In Italy they nyongad their Prezzo on the lamp-post nearest to where he was first spotted.

You naive Kenyans cheer on looters from your tribe. Loot that neither you nor your children will ever benefit from.

Cry the beloved Country.


Anonymous said...

i doubt the civil war thing if guys didnt roit for mboya how is to say we would war for raila
personnally i dnt like his politics, for a leader what is promising to me seems a bit like a fools dream as it will impact most os the pple who are giving him support
i thnk all we shooul ask ourselves is who is the better evil the old or young thieves?????


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