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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Strange Death Of Akasha Grandchild

Remember the famous Kenyan drug lord, Ibrahim Akasha? The guy who was assassinated by a guy in a bicycle who sprayed bullets into him and disappeared in the busy Amsterdam streets?

About a week ago a curious incident took place in his family residence in the plush Nyali estate in Mombasa. Kenyan police raided the Akasha home and searched the place thoroughly looking for evidence of drug trafficking. They found none. However in the confusion, the late Akasha's grand child (under 2 years old) crawled into the swimming pool and drowned without anybody noticing.

The Akasha family was very incensed and blamed the police for the death of the child. A family member was quoted as telling the press that these days the family is clean and deals in relief food to war torn areas and that is why the police found nothing in the Akasha home.

Interestingly one of the side businesses the late Akasha used to dabble in sometimes was gun running. Co-incidentally one of the businesses that arms dealers sometimes use as a cover is that of distributing relief food and supplies.

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