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Monday, September 10, 2007

Daniel Arap Moi Is Much More Evil Than Kenyans Think

Kumekucha Exclusive

Arrest Mois, Kuleis, Biwott for grand looting and corruption, before we do anything else

Our digest of the Kroll Associates report mainly on Moi and his associates here has attracted very high volumes of traffic to this blog and with it some bizarre information that I at first thought was somebody who had gone overboard.

However I still decided to check the information from a few other sources. Surprisingly the response came very quickly complete with names of sources and even written documents that supported the allegations that I thought were rather wild.

Even as I write this I am still beside myself in utter shock.

Let me start from what is already known and then move to the unknown, or rather what I have verified only today.

Elsewhere in this blog we have detailed that the real reason why Dr Robert Ouko was murdered was because he had information on the then president Moi of a very personal nature, concerning his involvement with Ugandan twilight girls brought to him. One is even said to have gotten pregnant and this greatly upset and worried the former president. For some reason Moi was horrified that his clean bible-carrying-church-going president would be shattered in the eyes of Kenyans and could not bear to think of such an eventuality. According to one prominent eyewitness (one of the very few Ouko witnesses still alive today), this is the main reason why Dr Ouko was killed. (Read Kumekucha article on the real reason Ouko had to die)

Now I have learnt that in later years the former president preferred schoolgirls and especially virgins from poor families who would not dare let out any secrets. One of my sources claims that the reason for this was the fear of catching Aids. The same source insists that some of the girls organized for the former president were extremely young, well below 18 years of age.

One source who confirmed this to one of my informants was the late Father Angelo d'Agostini of the Nyumbani Aids Orphans village. The big secret was told to him by the headmistress of one girls' school whose conscience could not take it any more. She came to Father Agostini for counseling and help in getting treatment over the trauma that the whole incident caused.

This information has also been confirmed from some diplomatic circles in Nairobi who says it was "common knowledge in diplomatic circles" at the time.

Yet another independent source is special advisor to President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda who was aware of the Ugandan girls but on learning about the school girls, could not bring himself to believe the information.

It is also claimed that the former president had a string of illegitimate children (like many other politicians) during his long tenure in politics. It is alleged that one of his biological children was former Kisumu PC Amos Bore.

Rumours had always been flying around during Moi's tenure as president about his preferenc for visiting and assisting Girl's schools and mostly shunning boy's schools. But this is the first time that some concrete information from those who have proof has come forward.

Although this behavior must have caused a lot of distress to many young Kenyan girls and their parents, it still all pales in comparison to the loads of evidence contained in the Kroll report on the massive looting that went on during Moi's 24 years (all those sources talked to can be witnesses in a case that would successfully prosecute Moi and his sons.)

If Moi cannot be prosecuted in Kenya (Kibaki does not look like he is capable of doing what is right and history will surely judge him very harshly—it does not matter how many Kibaki Foundations he launches) can't the Mois and company be charged in an international court for crimes against the people of Kenya? Surely the suffering caused is a human rights issue.

One does not need to be a lawyer to ask a few pointed questions, because the Mois will always say that they are innocent of looting. For instance, where did all the money come from? If it was made legitimately, why the need to launder it and bank it abroad? And what businesses generated such colossal sums of money?

Police Commissioner Major Hussein Ali and his men in uniform are fond of picking up ordinary and sometimes innocent Kenyans and holding them in custody for them to assist in investigations. Why can't all the Moi's plus Nicholas Biwott and Joshua Kulei be arrested so that they can assist police with further investigations? I will tell you why. It is because we have two sets of laws Kenya. Those for the rich thieves who have looted this country and those that apply to ordinary hard working Kenyans.

The grand looting detailed in the Kroll report has haunted me so much so that I can hardly concentrate on writing any other story or politics. What is the point, if we can't deal with those who have looted our country bringing so much untold suffering and also bringing the country down to its' knees?

I now know what John Githongo felt and why he could not take it anymore and preferred to flee for his life. And to think that all those who have seen the other 3 reports say that the current leaked Kroll report is the mildest of the four!

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