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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vultures Circle As Old Trusted Moi Friends Jump Ship

Even I did not have any idea of just how bad things are currently for the Moi family when I wrote the article two days ago wondering if Moi had lost it.

The information I now have clearly shows that many of the people that the former president may have been banking on to make things happen for President Kibaki’s re-election campaign, have now switched camps and are supporting “hiyo shetani hapana taka kusikia” (that devil that I don’t want to hear mentioned) as the elderly Moi sometimes refers to ODM in private.

Kaddu chairman and party owner Cyrus Jirongo’s earthshaking declaration yesterday that he was stepping down from the presidential race in favor of Raila Odinga seems to have been but a tip of the iceberg.

We reported here in Kumekucha, about the initial “icy” meeting between Jirongo and ODM’s William Ruto and Musalia Mudavadi. Jirongo at the time seems to have felt offended because he was being asked to step down in favor of Raila Odinga without being offered anything. So the big question that is very important for Kenyans to answer at this point, is what has he been offered this time? But more on that in the next post.

Another prominent personality that has recently declared total support for Raila Odinga’s bid for the presidency at the expense of Moi and his project 2007 is one Rashid Sayad of Mombasa. Many Kenyans do not know who Sayad is and yet his actions have always had far and wide reaching consequences on the lives of millions of Kenyans across the country. Sayyad is a close associate of one of the principal Sugar importers in the country, Mohamed Bawazir. Still doesn’t ring a bell?

Well, Sajjad is mentioned in the Kroll report alongside his former boss and now close business associate, Mohamed Bawazir. The Kroll report says that the two financed the Moi-backed Rift Valley tribal clashes of 1992 where scores of innocent Kenyans lost their lives. The two were also identified as key bagmen for the former president as well as very close associates of Nicholas Biwott.

The two Mombasa tycoons have been playing an interesting game at the expense of the Kenyan masses every time elections are around the corner. It is a simple but super profitable scheme. The idea is to cause an artificial sugar shortage in the country shortly before their huge consignment of imported sugar lands in the country. This is usually accomplished by using their political influence to shut down most of the major sugar factories in the country at the same time. The shortage causes prices to shoot up and when their sugar lands, it is sold at lightning speed at prices that puts billions of shillings into the pockets of the tycoons, and more importantly into some political campaign kitty.

Moi now has to be a very bitter man after being abandoned at his hour of greatest need. The question being asked by close observers is what will the former president do to bring them back in line? He could of course use all the information he has on many of the characters now abandoning him.

For instance he could easily team up with his project 2007 and start prosecuting Cyrus Jirongo and the Sayyads and Bawazirs. Unfortunately this is not such a good idea because these people also have damaging information on the former president and his family.

Daniel Toroitich arap Moi has survived many things in his long eventful life. This includes a vicious military coup attempt against his government in 1992 and the murderous Kiambu mafia (as Kenyatta’s dreaded kitchen cabinet was called) whose favorite trade mark was to leave the private parts of people they had murdered, stuffed in their mouth. But will Toroitich aka Baba Giddy survive this one?

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Anonymous said...

So if these looters support Raila, what does this tell you about Raila? For the big question is, will looters be prosecuted come Jan 2008 or not? If not, why are we wasting valuable time analysing these useless elections without a choice?


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