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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Looters Scramble Into ODM Ship

Kenyans need to realize now that as much as most of us love ODM, there are now serious doubts that a Raila Odinga presidency will be able to make any serious progress against corruption.

All sorts of deals have been made with the devil himself to ensure that Raila makes it to State House this time round at all costs. So how will President Raila Amollo Odinga turn round and sell out the very characters “who lent him a donkey” for his campaign in the village and on his long journey to State House? Do not forget that Mwai Kibaki faced the same dialemma in 2003 and we all know what the result was.

Notorious Moi bagmen like Rashid Sayad whose idea of doing big time business is making life as difficult as possible for the ordinary Kenyan, have now declared their support for son of Jaramogi.

So has Cyrus Jirongo, the man who helped impoverish millions of Kenyans overnight by distributing an almost endless supply of printed Kshs 500 notes that were stuffed in cartons that reached up to the roof in Anniversary Towers, Nairobi in 1992. Experts say that the inflationary effects of that gimmick is something Kenyans will probably never recover from.

So after securing most of the Luhya vote for President Odinga, how will the president then turn round and prosecute Jirongo? Will ODM make public the deal that has been made that caused this diehard Moi blue-eyed boy to turn against mama na baba and to declare his unwavering support for Raila? Highly unlikely.

In seeing ODM as the lesser evil (to which Kumekucha agrees) what price will we have to pay? What sort of political bills will land on our door-step, we the employers of politicians when the campaigns are all over and Raila is safely in State House?

Can the country go forward without addressing corruption? Can corruption be addressed when there are sacred cows to be protected?

These are very hard questions.

My view is that Kenyan voters should start seriously looking at other options rather than what the same old politicians have crafted for us in their own private ego wars and battles to prove points. We the voters have the power to pick our own preferred candidate and then having done that to install him or her to the presidency. The sooner we start thinking out of box, the better.

Strangely, why do we keep on looking to the politicians for a solution instead of coming up with our own solution to the problems that face us? Let us seek out a people’s presidential candidate. A tribe less principled Kenyan ready to sacrifice all for the motherland. Somebody who has never been in politics before.

When we say it cannot be done, then we give up before trying. When we say it is too late and we should instead plan for 2012, we are fooling ourselves big time. Who made a deal with the creator to guarantee that we will have a country left in 2012 at this rate?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately with your recent articles you are slowly outsmarting yourself. The political reality is that you have to make deals with the devil, Moi was on ODM side during referendum and nobody complained. Jirongo and Sajjad can be easily dealt with by a one-term president who is out to make a lasting positive legacy. What will prevent him, such deals are not binding - Ask Kibaki about MoU. At at the end of the day it is Kenyans who vote...


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