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Friday, September 07, 2007

Kroll Report Gives Clues On Why The Moi Empire Is About To Crumble

According to the Kroll Report, sometime between December 2003 and January 2004, Mukesh Gohil, Gideon Moi's main money man had dinner at an Asian restaurant in Ukay Centre Westlands. He was in the company of a relative, Kishan Behal and another man who deals with properties on their behalf.

Mukesh Gohil boasted that without him Gideon was a lost man because he would not be able to keep track of his own money. He gave examples of occasions when Gideon had called him to ask him about trivial details concerning monies that were already in his account in foreign banks.

But the main shocking revelation he made was of how Gideon feels increasingly insecure and vulnerable. The reason is that he has fallen out with too many of his former close aides, incidentally all of them from his own Kalenjin community. They include people like Ken Boit, Donald Kipkorir, Ken Kiplagat, Sirma and Kogo among others. This in sharp contrast to his aides of Asian origin who are standing by him.

A source to the Kroll Associates report indicates that the younger Moi may be seriously analyzing the possible consequences of not honoring the demands of the aides he has fallen out with who already know too much and could be very damaging to him.

Kumekucha's view is that it may already be too late. The Kroll Report and the 3 other reports (which I am reliably informed are much more damaging) would never have had the revelations they do were there no disgruntled elements close to the Mois. To use movie and espionage jargon; these people know too much.

So is there a possibility that we will see a repeat of the Ouko saga where virtually all people linked to the former foreign minister's murder have died under very strange circumstances? Even former police commissioner Philip Kilonzo was poisoned in his own bar in his rural home. Others like the herds oy called Shikuku who discovered the remains and is said to have seen the government helicopter that dropped Dr Ouko's remains at Got Alila, near his Koru home, is claimed to have been injected with a fatal dose of mercury.

In this case of witnesses connected to Moi's looted wealth, such a scenario is highly unlikely and for several reasons. To start with Moi is no longer the president of Kenya. This is significant because to efficiently carry out murders and on the scale that they were done in the Ouko case, one would need official co-operation from the government security agencies that can only get involved in such a task by getting direct orders from the President.

Using private hit men for hire would only make the situation worse because it would cause all the targets (to use mafia terminology) to start singing like birds for their own protection and security.

Which leads us to the biggest mystery of all and a study into human nature and the character of the second richest man in Kenya (only his dad surpasses him). The most obvious solution to the whole impasse would be to pay the aggrieved parties the monies owed to them. And the Mois can easily afford it many times over. But alas, Gideon would rather squabble and physically fight it out at a Nairobi hotel with his former lawyer over a mere petty cash amount of $650,000. And all because he does not want to honor a fee note of $1.5 million part of which is still outstanding even after the lawyer has held his $650,000. Apparently that is what a lot of ill-gotten wealth does to the brain. And to make matters worse, the money does not even belong to Gideon or his father in the first place. It is in fact money looted from the people of Kenya.

Wonders will never cease.


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