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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Why Corruption Money Is Blood Money

The revelations of the Kroll report were truly out of this world. But what Kenyans must now focus on are the effects of this massive looting and what it has done and continues to do to ordinary Kenyans.

The thing that brought tears to my eyes was the fact that when Moi and Biwott were looting the country through the Turkwell Gorge project (according to the Kroll report) there were scarce foreign exchange reserves in the country. Meaning that forex was being allocated to transfer foreign currency to personal accounts abroad while Kenyans were dying in hospitals for lack of medicine that could not be imported because there was no forex. Imagine that?

Then the flooding of the country with these looted funds in 1992 caused unprecedented inflationary pressure and has ended up causing untold suffering to millions of Kenyans. Then you have to remember all the people who have gotten killed to keep this information secret.

This is blood money and that’s why it has not given any peace to the people who looted it and they have even fallen out with members of their own community over very trivial issues.

This is a very serious issue for Kenyans to chew. At stake is the future of our children and grand children for many generations to come.

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