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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Has Former President Moi Lost It?

President Moi is no longer a young man he once was (left) but the saddest thing is that just when President Kibaki has placed a lot of faith in the former president helping him to get back to State House, there are a number of things that are visibly wrong with Moi. His judgment is NOT what it used to be, for instance. President Kibaki will pay a very high price, just wait and see.

Only fools never change their minds. In the wake of rapidly mounting overwhelming evidence, I am now forced to change my position concerning the role and impact retired President Moi will have in the forthcoming polls.

If anything I am now obligated to ask a brand new question; namely, has Moi lost it? Personally I think he has.

Have you seen the former president lately? He walks very slowly and with a limp that he tries very hard to hide (no doubt a result of the knee surgery he underwent as a result of the road accident he was involved in almost 2 years ago.)

But the most telling characteristic that all is definitely not well, is the unfamiliar tired look he carries around with him wherever he goes.

One sign that all is not well is the fact that the self-proclaimed professor of politics used to have an uncanny ability to foresee and forestall dangerous developments before they occurred. He caught the opposition and the West totally by surprise when he suddenly bowed to immense pressure to allow the repeal of the notorious Section 2(a) amendment to the constitution and usher in multi-party democracy into Kenya once again. Had he stuck to his gun he would have probably found himself in the situation President Mugabe of Zimbabwe is in today. In fact the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga in his book; “Not Yet Uhuru described Moi as a giraffe who saw very far ahead.

What many have never mentioned is the fact that he was a political student of Tom Mboya and quietly learnt a lot from observing Mboya.

Today Moi is a distant shadow of his old self. Ata time when he seems to have a lot of clout in president Kibaki campaign team, Moi made a blunder that has cost the president tens of thousands of votes. Everybody knew that Kanu was supporting president Kibaki for re-election but nobody was prepared for Uhuru Kenyatta’s personal declaring of support. Not only is Mr Kenyatta official leader of the opposition but he also hails from the same tribe as the president and therefore his announcement has labeled the president a tribalist n the whole world at large.

The more skilful Moi of the old days would have handled the situation more carefully and spun it in such a way as to gain even more votes for Kibaki.

The situation now is that most of Rift Valley will NOT yield to the retired president’s request to vote Kibaki. The old man has clearly lost it and he will end up being a very serious burden and obstacle to the Kibaki campaign and it may be that even the money that he is personally contributing to the incumbent’s campaign will not have the required effect. In politics all the money in the world with no sound strategy will not work.

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