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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Vice President Moody Awori's Questionable Deals

The tentacles of the Kroll Associates report reach right into the heart of the Kibaki administration and severa names of people who are noe very close to President Kibaki are mentioned.

This includes Prof George Saitoti (notorious for asking for a million or two to facilitate every little thing) to Matere Keriri and others.

However the biggest name mentioned is the Vice President himself Moody Awori whom the Kroll report links to questionable deals with one of the lawyers who represents Biwott's interests, Horatius Da Gama Rose.

Although the Kroll report does not go into too much detail, the Vice President has been inked to a few embarrassing "deals." For example he has never commented about a serious allegations leveled at him for interfering in a murder case involving his constituents.

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