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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is The Steadman Poll Accurate Only When Your Preferred Presidential Candidate Is Winning?

Kalonzo Musyoka of Hoo Ndii Emm says that the Steadman poll is flawed.

This is really interesting because when he was doing well in the same poll, last year, he often praised it as being very accurate and representative of the people’s views. It is now clear that since he is lagging behind, the poll is suddenly flawed.

Kumekucha has been consistently critical of the Steadman polls. My view is that the people conducting them concentrate most of their efforts on Kenyans in a certain class. The pollsters are quite often young girls in mini skirts and smartly dressed graduates who have never used a pit latrine in their lifetime and are frightened to go into places like the Kibera or Mathare slums—two places that will decide the presidential vote in Nairobi.

When these areas omitted by Steadman are factored in, the implication here is that Raila odinga has a landslide victory if the elections were to be held today.

The other thing is that if president Kibaki loses this election Steadman will be to blame just as their polls are to blame for causing Kalonzo Musyoka’s head to swell so much so that he told President Kibaki; "I believe I am your most serious challenger." The same poll gave many of the president’s advisors the mistaken fatal attitude that the president was invincible.

One of the reasons why I think a Kalonzo presidency would be disaster in this country is because, in sharp contrast to Raila Odionga, Kalonzo believes that nothing should be done about the looters of the past and the country should only set its’ eyes on the future. Very wishful thinking this and just the recipe to encourage even more corruption if Kenyans allow for a Kalonzo Musyoka tenure in State House.

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