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Friday, September 14, 2007

Ringera Is Finally Smoked Out, Talks To The Press

It took the passing of an amendment of the law in parliament, clipping all the wings of the KACC for it’s boss Aaron Ringera to finally break his long silence to talk to the media.

He is now appealing President Kibaki not to sign the amendments into law. I am thinking to myself, what did Ringera do with the powers before they were snatched from him? And even if they are given back to him today, what can he do with them? Start dodging the press again and sit back and enjoy his fat salary and perks for mainly arresting and charging traffic policemen taking KShs 50 bribes.

I don’t think it makes a huge difference not being able to charge the traffic policemen who received 50 bob before 2003. There are probably plenty more committing the crime today. So there is really no difference, is there?

I am thinking that Baba Jimmy would be taking a big risk by not signing the new legislation into law because it protects him, Jimmy, and many others close to the centre of power. If this law does not go ahead according to plan then there is the danger that in case Baba Fidel Castro (Thanks PKW, or is it Jeff? You 2 leave such similar comments, you know) comes to power and loses his head, looters will not have the head-start they need to get away and head to—Brazil perhaps—before the men in uniform gleefully come knocking on their doors with them handcuffs.

One cannot help feeling that the reason why Justice Ringera has come out with both guns blazing is because at this rate there will no longer be a justification for him to draw his colossal salary or for his traffic-policeman arresting unit to exist any longer.

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1 comment:

coldtusker said...

No KACC, no need for a director, no need for ringera... no KShs 2.5mn/month paycheck...

He was just wasting our money...

BTW, I think we need a more effective/tenacious crime fighter instead of ringera...

As u asked... what was he doing for the past 4 years?


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