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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Otieno Kajwang’s New Career Unveiled At Kasarani

The current MP for Mbita Otieno Kajwang is in trouble, so his constituents tell me. They tell me that it will be much easier for the notorious reeds on the lake to disappear overnight than for Mheshimiwa Kajwang to see the inside of the 10th Parliament.

But yesterday the legislator proved that he has plenty of other talents to fall back on. One of them is singing. The man did an excellent job of singing the ODM national anthem of Mapambano, usilale (struggles ahead, please don’t sleep).

Hon Kajwang put up a sterling performance singing and dancing in a voice that excited the delegates at Kasarani.

Now all he has to figure out is what to sing and where when the elections are over.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Otien Kajwang, just like all the other Luo MPs, save Tuju, is shamelessly hanging on Raila's coat tails, all of them including some who carry titles such like PROFFESSOR. Shame unto them all. I sometimes imagine the chaos in Luo Nyanza if one day Raila would change citizenship and go live somewhere like Bahrain. Would they all follow him there?

Niko Mombasa.


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