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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is This The End Of Uhuru Kenyatta’s Prominence In Kenyan Politics?

The political future of Uhuru Kenyatta does not look too bright just now.

To start with Kanu are due to meet next week to officially announce the person they will support for the presidency. This will be a mere formality as powerful party members have made no secret of who their preferred candidate is. It is the incumbent President Mwai Kibaki.

This puts Uhuru in an impossible situation. Supporting Kibaki will cripple his kind of politics and render him virtually impotent. Yes he has no other choice because as current party leader he has to lead by example.

On the other hand in the unlikely event that he decides to rebel, he will be faced with the prospect of possibly losing his parliamentary seat. The naked truth is that you can sell many things to the Kikuyu community but one thing that you will not convince the majority of them to do in 100 years, is to vote Raila Odinga.

Then there is the possibility that because the country has already had a total of two presidents from the house of Mumbi, it is highly unlikely that the next 3 presiodents will hail from the Kikuyu community. It does not matter whether President Kibaki is re-elected or not.

It is sad that a politician who has shown such promise has been treated so harshly by fate and circumstances.

However those who do not like Uhuru will argue that it was his father who launched the tradition of looting. The old man grabbed vast pieces of land and created vast wealth for the family by taking 15 per cent shareholding in many foreign companies that invested in Kenya during his 15-year reign at the helm. This opened the door for the excesses that followed.

In fact after the revelations of the Kroll report there are those who feel that the Kenyatta family also needs to return most if not all their vast wealth.

This brings us to the main reason why if push comes to shove, Uhuru really has no option but to support President Kibaki. The president, former President Moi and President Kenyatta, all have plenty in common and will need to close ranks as public opinion against looted wealth in Kenya continues to demand justice and the return of public funds.

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