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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Why A Vote For Kibaki Is A Vote For Corruption

There are many good things which President Kibaki's many supporters point to as achievements of the president and I do not intend to argue or debate about those achievements.

The only thing that really worries me and should worry any Kenyan who loves his country more than his tribe is the corruption. The president has done nothing to act against looters in the past regime let alone those in his own administration.

The result is that even as you read this, crime in Kenya pays because many who attempted to get rich through genuine business have been frustrated every inch of the way while the corrupt ones have had very smooth sailing.

So why should our war against crime be justified? After all we have seen from the Kroll report that these looters are fond of threatening others with violence. Meaning that when you really think about it, there is no difference between the two different type of thugs, only that one is protected by the government while the other is shot on sight without the benefit of a trial. So which of the two thugs is more damaging to the country?

It is therefore very clear to me that a vote for Kibaki is not only a vote for the status quo, but it is also a vote for corruption. If this government is clean as many hapless Kenyans insist, where then is John Githongo? Why does he still fear for his life? Is the former ethics PS just imagining things? Why has no action been taken to date on his findings? How come the people he mentioned are back in government and giving Kenyans that arrogant what-can-you-do-about-it look?

The simple question voters need to ask themselves is this; How much longer can Kenya survive the looting and plundering of her resources by a few individuals?

And as has often been said here before by the likes of Taabu and others, it is individuals who have done the looting and not communities. How many Kalenjins are living with Kulei's brother in New York? How many Kalenjins have benefited directly from the looted wealth of the Moi's? How many Kikuyus have seen even one shilling of Anglo-Leasing money?

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Anonymous said...

Chris you have left out something which makes me very suspicious of your intention. ODM is fronted by Raila, MUSALIA, RUTO, KOSGEY etc, ODM Kenya by the likes of MUTULA KILONZO & CO. These people are CERTIFIED looters if there any anywhere in Kenya. What about voting for them? Is it voting for corruption too are you one of the people who see corruption only in Kenya and Co and not others in the oppositio ranks? Be fair bwana otherwise tutakuelewa vingine.

Anonymous said...

And our option therefore is??? Which of the candidates campaigning right now do you suppose has the guts and capability to deal with the looters of the past regime and this one?? Please advice

bloggeratti said...

Raila maybe "Mr. Clean" as far as presidential candidates go but if he were to crackdown on the Looters of yore, do you think he would survive 2 years (let alone 5) of his presidency?

It reminds me of a certain "Vote of No Confidence" that Agwambo happily supported when he and Moi were political chums. Should he crackdown on the looters, it may come back to haunt him.


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