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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why The Kroll Report Will Never Be Discussed In Parliament

One of the saddest things about the leaked Kroll Associates report that sheds light on a lot of details of how corruption money was handled, laundered and transferred out of the country is that it is highly unlikely to be discussed in parliament.

The reason is simple, a casual look at the names mention in the report shows that the names cut across both members of the current opposition and the government.

Just imagine a situation where we are all thieves. How can any of us point a finger at the other? Doing so would simply provoke the accused to expose all the evils they know that are connected to their accuser.

I feel pity for many supporters of the ODM parties who are sure that their preferred presidential candidates are clean and have not been involved in any corruption. The Kroll report clearly shows how leaders of the past have looted public funds directly for their personal enrichment. The same people are still very powerful in society today meaning that members of the current government to survive in the Kenyan political system have had to do the same. The Kroll report shows clearly why the Anglo Leasing scum was inevitable.

So what do we voters do hen the entire political class is corrupt? Do we immerse ourselves in the election and campaign fever and forget what the people we are drumming up support have done in the past to their own country?

Any ideas out there?

P.S. By the way Jeff, when you say that there is nothing new about the Kroll report, I do not agree. Have you read through it? For the first time we are getting dates, places, specifics. There’s a lot of new information in this report. Just keep reading my daily digests of it here and you’ll see what I mean.

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Ken said...

You are right when you say both leaders in goverment and opposition are corrupt. Our politicians have mastered the art of repackaging themselves from their dirty past and presenting themselves to the ignorant masses. The masses are simply ignorant because the mainstream media does not educate them. The media assumes it has amnessia and seem to take the bait by politicians to popularise corrupt leaders (just check the headlines nowadays its not difficult to see that). When we stop voting for personalities but vote for the right policies that they front, when we stop voting euphorically but trace the steps of these politians from their past to make wise judgement then we can start getting ahead.

Anonymous said...

Kroll is the most corrupt and sinister entity in existence. They have really conned so many. No report of theirs is one bit trustworthy. They are the masters of cover up.


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