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Friday, September 07, 2007

Biwott Man In Kroll Report Who Was Used To Assassinate Ouko Murder Witnesses

What amazes me most as I continue to sift through the amazing Kroll Associates report is the assurance by impeccable sources that this report is the least damaging of the four available somewhere out there.

I get amazed because of the earth-shattering revelations contained in this report, which are too colossal to absorb in single seating or one reading. Hence my decision to digest it in bits and pieces for myself and for all you good folks out there. So I ask myself, what can possible be worse that this?

One example of what I am talking about here is the information on one Danny Vardi, who is listed as a close associate of Nicholas Biwott. The Kroll report says that this man, who is a Israeli national is a former military commander of the Israeli army and is related to Gad Zeevi through marriage. However the two greatly dislike one another greatly, according to the Kroll report.

But here comes the shocker; Vardi was allegedly used to assassinate numerous witnesses connected to the Ouko murder. And that's not all. Sources also told those who compiled the Kroll report that he was also instrumental in helping launch the tribal clashes of 1992. Vardi is named as an executive of Biwott's Ziba management services. I am not sure what this Biwott-owned company does but the Swahili word Ziba, means "to block" or "to cover". How ironical!

This is fascinating information that for the first time directly links Biwott and Moi to the land/ethnic clashes that rocked mostly the Rift Valley right on cue after the re-introduction of multi-party politics into the country and President Moi's chilly warning to ecstatic, celebrating Kenyans—"Hii multi party itawachoma." (This Multi Party will burn you).

The other interesting point to note is that to this day, Biwott's personal security consists almost exclusively of Israeli's who are reputed to be the best in the world in these matters. In fact Biwott is so particular about his personal security that for fear of poisoning, he will never accept to be served at any function and would rather go the source to serve himself. His favorite drink is said to be a cup of tea.

In the days of Jomo Kenyatta, Biwott was at one time a personal assistant to Bruce Mckenzie whom despite being an agriculture minister in Jomo Kenyatta's government was a known agent for the Isreali and British intelligence services. The way Mckenzie died is rather instructive in this respect. He was in an aircraft flying back from a visit to Kampala and Idi Amin when a gift that the then Ugandan president had presented to him, exploded in the small aircraft killing all onboard including MacKenzie.

The Vardi story proves what has been suspected all along that ethnic clashes in Kenya have always been instigated and the trail always leads back to former president Moi. Secondly it tells the sad story that with such a highly trained professionals at work, the Ouko witnesses who lost their lives had no chance, poor Kenyans.

Incidentally there is one other death related to the Ouko murder that is mentioned in the Kroll report. That of Mohamed Aslam former chief executive of Pan African Bank. Sources gave information to investigators compiling the Kroll report that Aslam had indicated that he was ready to give eveidence against Biwott and Moi at the Ouko enquiry. Aslam died two days before he was due to give evidence. The report says that Aslam's widow is convinced that her husband's poisoning was ordered by Biwott.

It also gets you thinking about the Mamlukis (Artur brothers) a mystery that has not been solved to this day.


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