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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Baraka The Son Of A Congolese Musician And Uhuru Kenyatta

The moral of the story that I have told in the previous post is that motto wa nyoka, pia ni nyoka

In 1963 when Kenya got independence, Johnstone Kamau, the first president felt that there was no need for an opposition in parliament. He felt that for the sake of strong unity, everybody in parliament should belong to the same party. In other words we should have a one-party democracy.

Another tall guy from the Rift Valley who spoke English haltingly and was in awe of Europeans (Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s description of him) felt that it was best if the country had a strong opposition from the outset.

Well, Kamau prevailed because that tall Kalenjin man in fact ended up being the man who succeeded his as president and he too radically changed his views on this matter. That other man’s name was of course Toroitich Moi, later widely known as Daniel Arap Moi.

The fact that Kamau prevailed is the reason for so many of our problems today.

Many decades later Kamau’s son entered politics and for a while it looked like he was very different from his father. Hi brand of politics was admired by many.

But the thing most Kenyans forgot was the wry Kiswahili saying; Mtoto wa Nyoka sio Chui. Bila shaka ni Nyoka pia.

Last week push came to shove and Kenyans saw the true colors of one Uhuru Kenyatta. Joel the guitarist was reborn.

Kwani Johnstone Kamau alifufuka?

According to Uhuru Kenyatta, opposition parties who see no chance of success are stupid to bother to fight an election. They should all just cross the floor and support the winning side. That is democracy Kenyan-style for you.

You can be sure that all those who have suspected all along that our mental capabilities in Africa are suspect and closer to those of baboons, are now laughing their heads off all the way from Washington DC to London and to the furthest ends of the earth.

To complete the show, I suggest that Uhuru does a world tour to talk to the top party officials of the Conservative Party in Britain and the Republicans in America.

He should have closed door meetings with the conservatives to forge unity with the Labor party. No need to waste time and money fighting an election where you know labor will win. So instead seek to be in the next government. So when the next elections are called, the official leader of the opposition should support Labor.

And in America, (since the Republicans can’t seem to find a strong enough presidential candidate Kura zote kwa Hilary au Barack Obama.


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1 comment:

Jacob Obongo said...

Uhuru Kenyatta has unilaterally broke a key pillar that holds Kenya's fragile multi-party democracy.

By publicly declaring support for the ruling President's re-election and offering to troop into the "next" government, Kenya's leader of Official Opposition, has whimsically told his followers in the Opposition that they have no need to check on the government. They just need to walk with him and join it.

In essence Uhuru is leading Kenya towards the lone path of monolithic single-party statehood. In his books, two wrongs make a right. He believes in the adage - if you can't beat them, join them.

Luckily, Kenyans can read clearly between the lines, that his motivation is not representative of the will of the Opposition, but purely premised on self-centred, personal and ethnic-based wishes. He has simply dumped nationalism, ideology and principled leadership at the alter of self-greed and personal ambition.

Jacob Obongo.


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